DMs Guild Have you ever tried fighting a tractor with a sword? (5e 6th level)


I recently posted Ghost Farm, a 5e module for 6th level characters.

Have you ever considered how hard it would be to fight a tractor with a sword or greataxe? Your players deserve to find out! This adventure traps the player characters in a small pocket plane set up by nefarious forces. They must explore a small modern farm and deal with its hazards to end the curse placed on the farmer.

There are, of course, a few complications to deal with, like animated farm equipment trying to kill them, and the innumerable horde of ghoulish chickens penned up in one of the chicken houses...

The adventure is balanced for the way 5e is structured, meaning Long Resting is very risky, so they will have to conserve resources. It was designed and tested for 4 Level 6 players. It should take 3-6 hours to complete.

First time posting in this forum, so if I left anything off please let me know.


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