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Hayward, CA Bay Area - looking for GAME!


That someone better.
Around here this may be a longshot, but...

Looking for others interested in non D&D/d20 RPG's..

I want to put together, or join, a permanent gaming group...

I'm hoping for a regular Saturday game.

I'm 31, a college graduate, employed, have my own car, and I take a shower, each and every day. Hell, I even wear clean clothes.

I am more than willing to take a turn as a GM - and I'm willing to start as GM for a new group.

I live in Hayward, and I'm willing to drive anywhere within reason for some solid RPG goodness. Within reason= a 30-45 min drive or so.

I sold my entire RPG collection years ago when I wasn't in the hobby - but I have aquired the following upon my glorious return a few years back:

Shadowrun 4
BurningWheel 1st&2nd ed.
Warhammer Fantasy Rolepay 1st&2nd ed.
The Riddle of Steel
Hollow Earth Expedition

With assorted supplements.

I'm more than willing to give other game systems a fair shake.

Games I have enjoyed in the past:

oWoD, RuneQuest, Traveller, Star Frontiers, Top Secret S.I., MERP, Ghostbusters, Starwars d6, Champions, and a few homebrews.

If your interested in forming a group, or a new player for yours:

PM or email vr350@aol.com

And we can discuss a meet time and otherwise coordinate things.

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