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Hello McFly???


Does anyone actually get together and play any more???

There's a group that plays every Friday night here in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area, but it's only on Discord.

Part of the TTRPG experience was getting together with your friends, playing, ordering pizza, and causing a general nuisance in every town you happened upon.

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Playing tonight near St Louis after a dark period. We did online some but I struggled with it. Tonight? I packed terrain and minis in my trunk…friend is ordering pizza…

I like it in person to ham it up, roll d20s and give and receive high fives….

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I run 4 games, and play in one. 3 of the 4 I run are in-person. The one I'm in is online (currently). So 60% of my games are in person. :unsure:


I have three gaming nights, two are board games and one is an RPG. The boards games are in person but the RPG is online. I moved from Akron, Ohio 12 years ago and didn't want to stop gaming with my group so I bought Fantasy Grounds and we have been using it to play ever since. I have been thinking about getting some of the people I board game with to play an RPG in person so maybe that will change things. I miss playing in person, I think it's a better experience.


In the COVID era I quit gaming in person March 12. 2020, gamed online for a few months, then started gaming in person again June 2020. Online gaming isnt for me. Id rather plat FTF or not at all.


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Notwithstanding a fourteen-month hiatus during the pandemic (we tried gaming online for a little while, and couldn't stomach it), my group still gets together for weekly games, and has for over a decade.


We play monthly face to face but online has let us add two other fortnightly campaigns. Best of both.

Meeting up is nice but it isn’t always practical. Each has its pros and cons. I slightly prefer online, but then again I’m the one travelling four hours each way to meet my old friends.


We play every Wednesday in person, but I am in Massachusetts. I have never played online.
My brother is up in Vermont at the University of Vermont Medical Center.

I bet he'd be inclined to come game with y'all if you let him.

He drove halfway to NYC to meet a friend for supper so I'm sure he'd make the drive to Massachusetts.

The only drawback, he hasn't played since 3e and all of his D&D stuff is in storage back here in Iowa so he'd probably have to borrow a few things while he's there.

DM me and I'll get him the details.
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