(+) Help Develop an IRON DM Spin-Off!

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I'm probably not able to contribute much to the organisation, planning etc for the next month or so, but I'm interested in participating if others take up my slack and it all ends up happening.


The Elephant in the Room (she/they)
As much as I would love to help contribute more to this, I really, really need to take care of this half-finished thesis that's about a year and a half overdue. Come late April though I'll be available.


Once A Fool
Maybe we should wait a bit longer then?
We really wouldn’t want it to run into the tournament, though. Especially because this is intended to be a longer format.

My guess is that three judges could finalize the rules and get the recruitment started within a couple of weeks.

The question is going to be: How many people can commit to compete?

And the follow-up question: How many would we even need? The format is more flexible than a bracket, after all.
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Small God of the Dozens
Is there a precis of the format so far? The tattered cloth of my memory hasn't retained any details.


Once A Fool
Sorry to disappear on you guys but I’ve taken on an intensive writing project that has really taken a toll on me for reasons. I won’t be able to continue to participate in the development, nor serve as a judge, but I would like to compete (and will probably need a distraction).

I think the planning stage is mostly done and I have every confidence in the abilities of any three (or so) of the people who’ve shown interest in this project to do a great job with it if they chose to step into the roles of judge. Even if they’ve never done this kind of thing before.

And, hey. You’ve already got two contestants recruited; that can be the hardest part.


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