WOIN Help looting magically

Just wondering if anyone can advise me on a way to increase how much a character can carry and lift magically. Not like a permanent increase, or an exploit or anything. Just a spell to help loot a bunch of stuff.

I'd initially thought Infuse Metal and Earth, for Strength and Endurance. But that just grants a +1d6 to attribute checks. No actual bonus to the attribute itself, so it does nothing for statistics derived from those attributes.

I also thought about telekinesis, but that carries an object, not a ton of small objects, so unless I can find a huge container it doesn't do great. I have a bunch of stuff to carry through woods too tight for a wagon, and though loading down a bunch of horses is an option, I'm just seeing if there are other things I can come up with. My character is supposed to be the smart magicy one after all :)

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Personally, I would allow an Enhance Strength spell to increase the attribute by the minimum score for each d6 increase. So, a +1d6 bonus to strength would gain +1 point to STR, +2d6 would be a +3 bonus, +3d6 a +6 bonus.

Failing that, spend the MP for a shrink spell to affect the full area of the treasure, then carry the shrunken loot out. Or teleport. Or craft together a rickshaw/platform and use Hover or Telekinesis to move it out.

O.L.D. is an effect-based system. As long as you can spare the MP, there's multiple ways to reach the same end result.


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I also thought about telekinesis, but that carries an object, not a ton of small objects
In there lies another answer - telekinesis on an object that holds objects.

One of the pregen-spells, "Airship", uses similar mecanics as move spells are limited by weight too.

Another option would be adding an area to your telekinesis spell and adding the weight of all objects in it together.

If you read through the pregen-spells, you will find some that are ruled with more... creativity than others; the flaming barrier, for example.
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The pre-made spells haven't been updated in a revision or two of magic. So I tend to view the pre-made spells with a grain of salt on what's possible with the current system.


Just a tourist passing your way...
Oh, I didn't see any spell that's not possible to do so far; they include some very nice ideas how to use the magic system.

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