Help me corrupt a Paladin


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Just have the Paladin meet a friendly, chatty bugbear. And instead of chatting, he screams the name of his god and cuts down the bugbear in cold blood! Instant Blackguard!

Back when I was in my single-digit years, I attempted to solo-run L1 - The Secret of Bone Hill - my friend played a paladin, and for some strange reason my 8-year-old brain decided to make a bugbear there LG, even though they are always evil. The bugbear tried to give flowers to the paladin and the paladin, ignoring the true nature of this bugbear, killed it.

So no more paladin - my friend was rather upset and tried to argue that bugbears are always evil, so it is always ok to kill them. I really forget most of the details. All I recall is the paladin killing the flower-child bugbear and then arguing about the ramifications.

I can still see the Bugbear, walking up the hill (bone hill?) the castle in the distance, flowers in hands, a sheepish, crooked-tooth, bugbear-sized, **it-eating grin on its face, right before those delicate flower petals were splashed with blood...

Ok, I suppose that won't strike terror into the hearts of the players.

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The Yellow Pill

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His mom died and now he's worried his wife will die too and the servants of Bane said he can stop people from dying if he learns these new dark powers...

Wait... that's the worst idea I've ever heard.

I imagine he could go evil the same way a lot of seemingly good people became evil; through good intentions. You start by wanting to do good, then by wanting to stop people who are doing bad, then eliminating anyone who would do bad. All the while, your definition of what constitutes good and bad keeps conveniently morphing. Hitler believed he was a great guy.

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