Help me fill a spy's backpack


I am on a quest! I’m hoping to fill the backpack (and wishlist) of a PC who’s moving towards the life of a spy. I was hoping for advice from the good people of the forums on what equipment I should be giving the kid.

Currently he’s a level 4 Changeling Rogue. I’m hoping he eventually makes it to level 5 and beyond. If he gets to 11 he’ll be going in the direction of Master Spy.

What Items have you forums goers seen that might contribute to his career? I’m more looking for flavorful items than simple optimizing gear. I can browse the million-and-one threads on optimizing rogues for those items. Anything catch your eye?

As an aside, I was thinking of MCing into Psion for access to Memory Hole and Betrayal. His Int is currently 13. How horrible an idea is this?


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Normal Stuff

Thieves Tools
Disguise Kit
Glass Cutter
Spy Glass

Several ID's (Eberron)
Forging materials

Nobility Clothing
Peasant Clothing
Guard Clothing

Different Armors and weapons

Magebred Mount
Meat Shield (I don't think you think you can fit that into a sack, but you might be able to get one that is self-propelled. =)
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Gloves of Storing - So he can hide weapons.
I don't know how well changelings can change form but a Hat of Disguise would be useful to a spy.
Imposter's Armor
Gem of Auditory Recollection
Spymaster's Quill
Silent Tool


First, are we talking about magical or nonmagical gear?

Second, is he/she more of a charisma spy (so, pretend to be on the same side as the spyee, chat them up), or an infiltration spy (sneak in, break into safe, look at documents)? Additionally, is he/she a "gadget" spy - if so, many handy alchemical items.

Finally, does he/she have ritual casting or martial practice? Lots of handy rituals (such as hidden page, sending) and practices (such as precise forgery).

As for mundane gear - paper, ink, wax, climbing kit, silk rope, a small telescope are all handy. As well, custom generating things like quick reverse clothing (standard action to take off court jacket, flip it inside out, and put it back on as a workman's coat, to give an item bonus to bluff) would all also work.


Geeky Ecohumanistic Futurist

a magic armor and weapon that can change or appear to change form

Most likely you will also want a bag of holding and an Handy Haversack to make everything easily transportable and accessible.

He may also want to become a ritual caster too. That will open up a lot of options.


Currently he's got Linguist, Skilled Feint and Daring Performer as feats. Martial practioner will probably come up at some point, but not immediately.

I'd originally intented on asking for magical gear, but mundane things keep getting pointed out that I should really have on the sheet and don't. I'm working on adding those in now.

I'm probably going to aim for Imposter's Armor and a Hat of Disguise. I've already got a Map of Unseen Lands in my scrollcase.

As far as spy type, a little of both, though leaning more heavily on Charisma.

Thanks for all the suggestions so far. Level 10 is going to be a hard one to choose for.

Spymaster's Quill + Blessed Book seems like a decent combination.

*goes off to look up ID info in EPG*


Part of being a spy is also using everything in your environment to your advantage. But also having advanced preparation is always a boon. So:

Mirror (corners, blinding, etc)
Small tools (saw, measuring stick, etc)
Alchemist's kit (or perhaps just something like a flashbang, something to cause fire, or anything to provide a quick distraction)
The magical equivalent of a listening device, hidden camera, or tracking device.
Eye lense to help detect hidden messages or decipher codes.

If he's playing a spy, I can't help but suggest the show Burn Notice. Granted, many of the tips involve modern technology, but the mentality of the spy and how to address various threats is really really good.

The only real magical equipment I can suggest (aside from surveillance equipment) would be the aforementioned weapon/armor/CLOTHES that can change appearance.


Skill Power: Fast Hands, which is great when your actions are limited by the parameters of an actual encounter.


Theiving weapon? Possibly worth picking up a below level one -- lets you steal in combat as a daily power (when you hit with it, but still).

Deep Pocket Cloak -- sure, uses your neck slot -- but a Bag of Holding and Fast Hands in one handy item!

Look over the consumable and wonderous items -- there are lots of gems there, particularly if you're going with a "bag of gadgets" approach. Nail of sealing, Heartflow, Smokestick for consumables; eternal chalk, Window of Escape (if your GM doesn't disallow it), Floating Lantern, etc.
Hand crossbow
Leather Armor
Climber's kit
Silk rope
Thieves tools (of course)

Escape Artist
Nimble blade
Quick Draw
Skill focus (Bluff/Thievery)
Sure Climber


Melee Training (highest attribute)

Fast Hands (skill power)

Two Fisted Shooter
Sandals of Precise stepping
Gloves of Storing, a must
Gem of Colloquy
Reading Spectacles
Bag of Holding


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I don't know how well changelings can change form but a Hat of Disguise would be useful to a spy.
It doesn't matter- it would be useful to a Changeling as well.


Because, if it is discovered and then confiscated, the Changeling then "reverts" to a preselected appearance not his when he alters his appearance later, nobody will be expecting it.


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On the non-magical side:

  1. vials of acid
  2. vials of pepper
  3. vials of salt
  4. vials of glue
  5. vials of grease
  6. vials of invisible ink
  7. twine/rope/wire
  8. marbles and/or caltrops
  9. concealments (false bottom boxes & scabbards, hidden pouches in clothing, etc.)

Lord Ernie

I just want to thank everyone for the comments in this thread :). I've been watching Burn Notice for a while, which inspired me to make a spy-type character. My next character was actually going in the same direction as this one (in fact, I was making him a Changeling Rogue as well), so I'm going to be keeping an eye on this thread.


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There are far worse characters to emulate than Michael Weston...and if I were you, I'd try to cop some MacGyver tricks as well.

In addition, I'd check out the DK Eyewitness book on [ame=""]Spies.[/ame]

Yeah, I know its a kids' book, but it is surprisingly informative. A lot of the info in it showed up in sections of a show on spies I saw on Discovery or some such channel a few months ago. Plus, its full of pictures. If nothing else, you'll get LOTS of inspiration.

Hmm...given that there's a new 2009 edition, maybe I'll track one down for myself.


Don't forget your fresh T-Bone steak spiced with sleeping pills. Sleepings dogs don't bark!


It doesn't matter- it would be useful to a Changeling as well.


Because, if it is discovered and then confiscated, the Changeling then "reverts" to a preselected appearance not his when he alters his appearance later, nobody will be expecting it.
Ooh, clever! I like that. :)