Help me out. Need some questions for a Q&A podcasting segment


Hey guys, I host a bi-weekly podcast. We've come to our 8th episode. I'd love to have some questions for a Q&A section. It doesn't necessarily have to be about tabletop RPGs. Our channel is focused on RPGs both tabletop and video games (just hit 100 subs!!), yet the podcast is a general ... for lack of a better word..."nerd" podcast. Covering Movies, comics book, video game stuff, tabletop stuff, anything similar to that.

So anyway, it's cool if you don't watch or aren't interested, but I'd still love some questions from you guys. We've had some really good ones like "What differentiates a good session from a GREAT session. " or "Whats your favorite 'rules light' RPG", "what's the best way to approach a problem player". Stuff like that.

Anyway we go live tomorrow at 7cst on if anyone is interested. Regardless if you answer or not, I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Thanks guys!


Rotten DM
1. A. How do you deal with a cheater at the table?
1. B. How do you deal with a cheater when you can not for various reasons ban him from your table?
2. Should you try to force a player to try different classes of pc? Ex. Bob always plays a tank in all games.
3. How to tell a friend you are tired of him harping on the same (game, rpg, team, etc) every time you get together?


1) What are some of the best ways to incorporate player problem solving into an RPG? i.e. rather than just using skill rolls to solve puzzles, how can you challenge and engage the players in such challenges?
2) What one suggestion can you give to an aspiring GM to help the run an enjoyable session?
3) What are some of the best movies or shows for inspiring RPG adventures?
4) Is there some aspect of reality or realism that you find just doesn't work in an fiction setting? (i.e. such as there is no sound in space, but to watch a movie and not have the ship make a sound when it moves.)
5) What adventure story-line or plot is so overused it should be permanently retired?