D&D 5E Help me pick magic items for my Bladesinger


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My DM is going to restart our Shackled City campaign in 5e. We are going to be starting at level 12 (where our old group was). I'm playing a Goblin Bladesinger wizard, level 12 with no multiclassing. The DM is letting us start with two Uncommon magic items and I'd love to get some suggestions. The character is meant to be a wizard first and won't be jumping into combat all the time. I have Shadowblade for one of my spells, but I will be taking a weapon as well.

I do have the character built out if that would be helpful for you.

Thoughts/ideas/suggestions are welcome.

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Winged Boots - just so useful in many pillars of play. Can stay disengaged, can engage, can avoid a lot of terrain, hazards or traps. Move fast. Just useful.
Cloak of Protection - just a math adjustment, but such a useful one - AC and all saves, which includes Death Saves. Esp. good for when you do frontline.
Arcane Grimoire - you mentioned caster first, so +1 spell attacks and +1 DCs, plus a bonus with Arcane Recovery.
Pearl of Power - what's not to like?
+1 weapon - if you are against a magic resistant creature and are going into combat, there's odds that it also needs a magic weapon to hit it.
Stone of Good Luck - always a possibility for any character getting an uncommon item.

Worthy mention
Headband of Intellect - I played a melee-forward bladesinger once where I focused on DEX, and one of these boosted my INT mod from +2 to +4. Obviously only for certain builds, but just putting it here.

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