D&D 5E Help playtest my fantasy stat draft!


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In the zine I produced about running stat drafts, I mentioned this variation as something DMs may want to look into or consider trying. Glad it worked out in the real(ish) world!

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Scion of Murgen (He/Him)

So, I actually got to do a fantasy stat draft IRL last night, and it went swimmingly.

I slightly simplified it from what we tested in this thread. It was 36 total picks, 6 players, 6 rounds. For every stat, there was 1a 7, 15, 13, and +2 option. A few multiple stat bumps, a few feat combinations, and 2 random rare magical items.

The group overall really liked the "extra stuff" options, all of the feat options and magic item options were off the board in the top half of the draft. I'm definitely going to add a few more miscellaneous options next time I do this, and I think this might be my go-to option for doing stats from now on in RL games.
Thanks for the update! It was fun playtesting it. :)

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