Help with new Gate construction



*posted on a parchment written in charcoal*

Hello, I have in my magics found a strange place called Khorvaire, and I am seeking a way to permanently open a passageway to this place for people to move in and out of. Seeing as how few have heard of this place, I felt as though the portals and gates to such a place had yet to be built.

I am a man usually dressed in black feathers accompanied by a raven and occasionally a construct I found in that place, and my name is Cbolt Toak. One of my magics includes a black flame that can bend shadows and open passageways, but I can only send myself and a few people through them at one time. If anyone has the skills to help build a lasting gate I would be happy to provide the "key" if you will.

-Cbolt Toak

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First Post
A gnome bard/worker walks to the board and eyes it with a fancy. He strokes his small beard on his little chin.

Yessir. I may help you, but have you the correct permits to build this gateway?

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