D&D 5E Help with Plasmoid Druid Circle of Spores


Heyo! Making a new character for a new group playing through the Radiant Citadel.
As I understand it, The Radiant Citadel has 'spaceships' stopping by to take and/or drop off travelers and cargo from different realms/domains/planes at this hub of the Ethereal Plane. So the GM is ruling that anything is at least semi-reasonable.
Looking at all the possibilities and Plasmoid seems about as Ethereal as you can get. A druid of the Spores just meshes so well with the Plasmoid, I almost have to try it. I figure the Astral Drifter background mostly explains why it's here in the Citadel when the campaign starts. For personality, I'm going with cuddly/huggable friendly. Though he can't understand why almost everyone is creeped-out by his mere presence. I've got lots more ideas on how to ply this. Not 100% certain, but this is currently my leading contender for character to play.

Now the question is how to build it. My initial thoughts are the the Spore powers are mostly melee or at least very close range, but not hugely damaging. So I was thinking, mostly caster with Spore powers to augment when forced into melee. I don't know, does that seem like a good idea or should I mostly focus on just melee? Should I multiclass with anything else? How would you build this?

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It sounds like a great character concept. Mechanically, it's straightforward enough. You are probably going to want to be using Shillelagh to hit people with, but otherwise you don't need to do anything special. Make sure your DEX and CON don't suck.

A monk or barbarian dip might be worth considering, so you don't need to drop your armor when you slip under a door (Barkskin works in theory, but I don't like it as its concentration). In which case, you might go high enough to pick up extra attack.

Feats: Pole Arm Master is worth a look, as is one of the several feats that can give you the Booming Blade cantrip if you don't multiclass for extra attack.


Suggested ability scores (standard point buy):
DEX 16
CON 16
WIS 16

Suggested subclass for monk multiclass: Way of the Astral Self.


Dusty Dragon
Spore druids have a bit of an "execution" problem. The concept is super cool but the actual execution of the concept is lacking.

Some things you should look out for and maybe talk to your GM:

1: do the temp HP from symbiotic entity last more than 10 minutes? I 100% believe they do and that the rules are clear, but others disagree.
1b: if you lose said temp HP, the other benefits of symbiotic entity go away! So it encourages you go to close (as you said, very short range/melee powers), but being close to the front line is a good way to lose the powers....

2: Reaction conflict:
Fungal infestation is a very cool ability, but it takes your reaction... and so does halo of spores! But you only have one reaction, so you can't do both...


Hmm... Barbarian doesn't seem right for the flavor I'm feeling. Monk works though. Now to decide on a 1 or 4 level dip. I'm thinking just do 1 at character level 2. Then see if I'm finding myself in melee enough to go for more.

I will read through symbiotic entity a few more times, then go over it with the DM to make sure we are on the same page.


I think the rules for Symbiotic Entity (lasts 10 min max but lose if lost temp hp) and Fungal Infestation (can only use 1 reaction or the other) are pretty clear. I can live with them.

I have a question though. If you use Symbiotic Entity, it ends if you use Wild Shape again. What if you do it the other way around? Use Wild Shape to turn into say a badger, then use your second Wild Shape for Symbiotic Entity. Then you would be a badger with temp hp and extra necrotic damage on its attacks. Will that work?

Now to decide on a 1 or 4 level dip.
Definately not level 4. Either level 1, for unarmoured defence and martial arts, or push on to 5 for extra attack. Since (unusually) your Symbiotic Entity bonus damage applies to every attack, the more attacks you can make in one round the better.
Use Wild Shape to turn into say a badger, then use your second Wild Shape for Symbiotic Entity.
Sure, I see nothing to prevent it.
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Dusty Dragon
Personally, I would play a tortle spore druid, to minimize the chance of being hit.

Only to animate the zombie in the first place, and it lasts an hour. It doesn't need anything to tell it to attack.
Tortle really fits well re flavor wise, but so do the plasmoid... but yes, the Tortle is a lot tankier.

Re reaction: The problem is that your halo of spore power also takes a reaction, and it's one you are going to use every round, so you might not even have a reaction to animate the zombie! Furthermore, if you kill a foe with halo of spore, thematically that would be the perfect time to animate them as a zombie, but mechanically you can't because you just used your only reaction!

It's a mess.


Yeah I agree with you. If I was GM, I would probably say that IF the Halo of Spores made the kill, it would automatically infestation would be automatic.
But I think I'm ok with it as it is.

I guess it's arguable, but the text says:
If a beast or a humanoid that is Small or Medium dies within 10 feet of you, you can use your reaction to animate it

It remains animate for 1 hour, after which time it collapses and dies.
So, every hour, out of combat, your previously animated zombie becomes a legit target for this ability.

But I haven't played this subclass.


So, we had our session zero. Most likely a Human bow spec ranger, an Eladrin cleric, a Fairy wizard, and me. So melee duties will be primarily handled by the cleric and myself. Maybe mostly me.

I have decided. Dun, dun, dun!
Plasmoid druid X / monk 5 with the astral drifter background.
I will take at least 2 druid levels first to get into the circle of spores.
Then at least 1 level of monk for the AC and slight melee boost.
Str 8, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 10 Wis 17m Cha 8 (I'm feel like a mobile jelly shouldn't be all that strong and can't understand why people don't like it)
Background gives the Magic Initiate Feat. I was planning to take the cantrips Guidance and Sacred Flame. Then the 1st level spell Sanctuary.
Druid cantrips are Poison Spray and Druidcraft (duh).

Don't think there are too many creatures immune to both poison and radiant damage.

Note: Since there is a cleric, I'm considering switching to the Wildspacer background that gives the toughness feat.

Any thoughts on what order to take the rest of the levels? Should I just do all 5 monk then re-start druid?

What about feats, any suggestions there? Especially ones that have the +1 to wisdom in addition to the other power gained.
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Looks good to me, dumping strength makes sense thematically and mechanically. I wouldn't choose those cantrips. Almost everything is immune to poison in 5e. I'd pick up Shillelagh and Thorn Whip. Shillelagh qualifies as a monk weapon, and Thorn Whip is great. Sacred Flame fills in as a longer range attack. You only need one person with Guidance, and as the cleric gets more cantrips it makes sense for them to take it.

What feat are you planning on taking at level 4? If it doesn't come with +1 wisdom you are better with a wisdom of 16 upped to 18 at level 4.

It's a long way until level 7. There is no need to plan your build until you get there. You can adapt to what the rest of the party can do, and what loot you find.
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