Here Are the 2023 ENnies Nominees!

Congratulations to this year's TTRPG award nominees!

The nominees for the 2023 ENnies Awards have been announced. The public vote will open on July 14th, and the winners announced at Gen Con Indy in the Crowne Plaza Union Station Grand Hall on August 4th at 8pm EST.

Judges’ Spotlight Winners​

Kevin CombsOne Breath left, Stout Stoat Press
Author: Ian Howard

Jim D’Alessio – Dungeons of Drakkenheim, Ghostfire Gaming
Authors: Monty Martin, Kelly McLaughlin

Christopher Gath – Void 1680 AM , Bannerless Games
Author: Ken Lowery

Candace McAfee – Moonlight on Roseville Beach: A Queer Game of Disco and Cosmic Horror, R. Rook Studio
Authors: Richard Ruane, Rob Abrazado, Bendi Barrett, Sharang Biswas, Rick Chia, Alison Cybe, Ezakur, Ethan Harvey, Maxwell Lander, Catherine Ramen, Erin Roberts, Ennis Rook Bashe, Noora Rose, R.J. Ryan, Sean F. Smith, Anne Toole, Preston Leslie, Logan Rollins

Shauna Ratliff – Faecraft, Exalted Funeral
Author: Will Purves

Best Adventure​

Broken Tales, The World Anvil Publishing
Author: Alberto Tronchi

Journeys through the Radiant Citadel, Wizards of the Coast
Authors: Justice Ramin Arman, Dominique Dickey, Ajit A. George, Basheer Ghouse, Alastor Guzman, D. Fox Harrell, T.K. Johnson, Felice Tzehuei Kuan, Surena Marie, Mimi Mondal, Mario Ortegón, Miyuki Jane Pinckard, Pam Punzalan, Erin Roberts, Terry H. Romero, Stephanie Yoon

Unexpected Wedding Invitation, Midnight Tower
Author: Tove Lund Jorgenson

Vaesen RPG – Seasons of Mystery, Free League
Authors: Gabrielle de Bourg, Tomas Harenstam, Andreas Marklund, Kiku Pukk Harenstam

VHS: Very Horror Stories, Aces Games
Author: Simone ‘Aces’ Morini

Best Aid/Accessory – Digital​

DDDice, The 3D Dice Company
Rimspace Planet Generator, Anodyne Printware
Sonic Library, dScryb x Michael Ghelfi Studios
The Session Zero System, Mythic Grove Productions
We Deal in Lead Gunslinger Generator, By Odin’s Beard RPG

Best Aid/Accessory – Non – Digital​

Decuma: the R&D for your RPG, Golden Lasso Games
Expanded Character Sheet Journals, Renegade Game Studios
The Book of The New Jerusalem, Pelgrane Press
The Maw – Adventure Set #1, Obscuriat Walser
The Witcher Hybrid Dice Set – Wolf: Golem’s Heart, Q Workshop

Best Art, Cover​

Click here to see the nominees collage

Blackbirds – Servant of the Gods Special Edition,Andrews McMeel Publishing.
Artist: Dave Reposa

Historica Arcanum: The City of Crescent, Metis Creative
Artist: Yağmur Kiyak

SHIVER Gothic: Secrets of Spireholm Special Edition, Parable Games
Artist: Ben Alexander & Kristopher McClanahan

Swords of the Serpentine,Pelgrane Press
Artist: Jérôme Huguenin

Xanadu – A Nibiru Expansion, Araukana Media LTD
Artist: Piotr Gajda

Best Art, Interior​

Click here to see the nominees collage

Flabbergasted!, The Wanderer’s Tome
Artists: Andy Bennett, Fleur Sciortino, Ricardo Bessa, Dozerdraws, Daniela “Iella” Attard

Incantations, Metal Weave Games
Artists: Zander Barcelo, Cher Chen, Stephanie cost, Reil Hye, Genel Jumalon, Maiwenn Kasprzyk, Allaine Kate B Leoncio, Erika Lundrigan (Mizomel), Patricia Maura L Mercado, Anna Moshak, Mike Pape, Devon Ste Marie Robin, The _Gobbo, Lauren Walsh

OZ: A Fantasy Role-Playing Setting, Andrews McMeel Universal
Artist: Andrew Kolb

Seven Sinners, Mana Project Studio
Artists: Domenico Cava, Mirko Failoni

Vaesen RPG – Mythic Britain & Ireland, Free League Publishing
Artists: Johan Egerkrans, Anton Vitus, Gustave Dorr

Best Cartography​

Blade Runner RPG Starter Set, Free League Publishing
Christian Granath

Campaign Builder: Cities & Towns Map Folio, Kobold Press
Sarah Morris, Jon Pintar, Tommi Salama

Claw Atlas: New Maps for Beak, Feather, & Bone, Possible Worlds Games
Jonathan Yee

Duckquest, Exalted Funeral
Darcy Perry

High Guard Update 2022, Mongoose Publishing
Dave Dyson, Geir Lanesskog, Jeremy Rector, James Sugrue, Adrian Tymes

Best Electronic Book​

Brindlewood Bay, The Gauntlet Gaming Community
Authors: Jason Cordova, David Morrison, Calvin Johns, Petra Volkhausen, Steffie de Vaan

Coven of Cats: Mini Campaign, r-n-w
Authors: Jason Cordova, David Morrison, Calvin Johns, Petra Volkhausen, Steffie de Vaan

Host and Hostility: Three Regency Call of Cthulhu Scenarios, Miskatonic Repository
Author: SR Sellens

Lichdom, Feral Wizard Library
Authors: Adrian Lopez Sanjuan

Vault of the Blood Mage , Crypt Thing Press
Author: Robert Waluchow

Best Family Game / Product​

Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game Starter Set, Magpie Games
Authors: Sharan Biswas, Elizabeth Chaipraditkul, Brendan Conway, James MendezHoees, Yeonsoo Julien Kim, Simon Moody, Mark Diaz Truman

Color My Quest, Dice Up Games
Author: Kristin & Tim Devine

Horseshoe Academy, 9th Level Games
Authors: Nat Mesnard & Patrick Watson

Princess Guard, Amalara Game Studio
Author: David Garrett

The Goblings, Slowquest
Author: Bodie Hartley

Best Free Game / Product​

Exclusion Zone Botanist, Exeunt Press

Root: The RPG Talon Hill Quickstart, Magpie Games
Author: David Castro

Shrine of the Jaguar Princess, Trident Gamebooks LLC
Author: Sersa Victory

Stranded, Mongoose Publishing
Author: M.J. Dougherty

The 2022 Level 1 Anthology, 9th Level Games
Authors: Gabrielle Rabinowitz, Evlyn Moreau, Dustin Winter, Quinn B. Rodriguez, Sea Carnelian, Loretta Brady, Skylar Bottcher, Gianna Cormier, Glenn Givens, Samantha Sinacori, Steffie de Vaan, Graham Gentz, Monica Valentinelli, Kyle Ott, Desks and Dorks, Patrick Watson, Dare Hickman, V.R. Collins, Zane Graves, Scott Slater, Alexi Sargeant, Jim Dagg

Best Game​

Fabula Ultima – Core Rulebook, Need Games, Rooster Games
Author : Emanuele Galletto
Editing/Sensitivity : Nicola Degobbis, Courteney Penney, Marta Palvarini
Art : Moryo, Christian Benevides, Lorenzo Magalotti, Susu Nonohara, Catthy Trinh, ExtantLily, Ben Henry, Sascha Anderer, Lorc

Flabbergasted!, The Wanderer’s Tome
Author: Chelsea Sciortino, Fleur Sciortino
Editing/Sensitivity : Amber Logdson, Hannah Givens
Art : Andy Bennett, Fleur Sciortino, Ricardo Bessa, Dozerdraws, Daniela “Iella” Attard

Pasión de las Pasiones, Magpie Games
Authors: Brandon Leon-Gambetta, Brendan Conway, Claudia Sánchez Quiroz
Editing : Mark Diaz Truman, Monte Lin
Art : Miguel Angel Espinoza, Marissa Kelly

Slugblaster | Kickflip Over a Quantum Centipede, Wilkie’s Candy Lab
Authors: Mikey Hamm, Robyn Slack, Michael Elliott and guests
Editing : Ryan A. Markle
Art : Sex on a Pizza, Galen Pejeau, Susanna Wong, Scott A. Ford, Halie Finney, Rupam Grimoeuvre, Taylor Reese, Mike Perschon

Trophy RPG, The Gauntlet Gaming Community, Hedgemaze Press
Author: Jesse Ross
Editing : Lauren McManamon, Jason Cordova, David LaFreniere
Art : Anna Zee, Rian Magee, Anton Cheykin

Best Layout and Design​

Blade Runner RPG Core Rulebook, Free League Publishing
Christian Granath

Eldritch Overload: Tarot & Codex, WEIRD WORKS LLC
Brenda Ho

Frontier Scum, Games Omnivorous

Nolan Locke’s Exquisite Corpse, The Corpse Exquisite
Alex Beisel, Nicholas Ross

Women are Werewolves, 9th Level Games
Corinne Taylor & Yeonsoo Julian Kim

Best Monster/Adversary​

Darklands, Black Lantern Productions
Authors: Dimokritos Saloustros, George Kanatelias, Giannis Rodis, Antonios Galatis
Art: Artem Demura, Mikhail Palmarchuk, Cris Cold

Fateforge Book 5 – Creatures 2 Netherworld, Studio Agate
Author: Araine “Linden Oliver” Clovis, Diana “Kjarllan” Lutton, Etienne “Etmer_Fachronies” Mercier, Frederick “Atorgael” Pilling, Joelle “ Iris” Deschamp, Nicola Bernardelli, Thomas “ Kaer” Navarro, and William Perceval “Merlin” Huber

Ruins of Symbaroum – Bestiary, Free League Publishing
Authors: Mattias Johnsson Haake, Mattias Lilja, and Jacob Rodgers
Art: Martin Grip

Seven Sinners, Mana Project Studio

Twilight Fables, Izegrim Creations
Author: Roderic Waibel

Best Online Content​

Albyon Absey’s Geographical Almanac
Cannibal Halfling Gaming
Elven Tower Blog, Elven Tower Adventures
Linda Codega’s io9 RPG reporting, Gizmodo / io9

Best Organized Play​

Bug Hunt
Author: Mike Arrow

Cat’s Paws, Neo Tokyo Project
Author: Jason Koh

Red Door, Black Heart
Author: Mike Arrow

Spectacle at Shrineholt
Author: Sonja Dunbar

Under the Cover of Stars
Authors: Marik Montalvan, Jens Sundqvist

Best Podcast​

Backwater Bastards, Backwater Studios, LLC
Call of Cthulhu: Bookshops of Arkham, Chaosium – Roll 20 – Elder Eye Entertainment
How We Roll
Seth Skorkowsky
Transplanar: The Second Stranger, Transplanar RPG

Best Production Values​

Blackbirds RPG: Servant of the Gods Edition, Andrews McMeel Publishing

Carbon Grey RPG Deluxe Boxed Set, Magnetic Press Play

DIE: The Roleplaying Game Special Edition, Rowan, Rook and Decard

Household, Two Little Mice

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay – The Enemy Within: Empire in Ruins Collector’s Edition, Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd

Best RPG Related Product​

Dragonbond: Dragons of the Red Moon, Draco Studios

Epic Encounters: Cove of the Dragon Turtle, Steamforged Games Ltd

Improv for Gamers, Second Edition, Evil Hat Productions

Owlbear Plush, Metal Weave Games

The Fablemaker’s Animated Tarot Box Se, Hit Point Press

Best Rules​

Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game,Magpie Games
Author: Sharang Biswas, Elizabeth Chaipraditkul, Brendan Conway, James Mendez Hodes, Yeonsoo Julian Kim, Simon Moody, Lysa Penrose, Mark Diaz Truman

High Guard Update 2022, Mongoose Publishing
Author: Christopher Griffen

Hunter: The Reckoning 5th Edition Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, Renegade Game Studios
Authors: Justin Achilli, Daniel Braga, Johnathan Byerly, Edward Austin Hall, Karim Muammar, Mario Ortegon, Pam Punzalan, Erin Roberts

Rivers of London: The Roleplaying Game, Chaosium Inc.
Authors: Ben Aaronvitch, Graeme Barber, Paul Fricker, Adam Guantlet, Llyod Gyan, Lynne Hardy, Gavin Inglis, Mike Mason, Keris McDonald, Lucya Szachnowski

Trophy RPG, The Gauntlet Gaming Community, Hedgemaze Press
Author: Jessie Ross

Best Setting​

Drakkenhall: City of Monsters, Pelgrane Press
Authors: Liz Argall, AnneMarie Boeve, Benjamin Feehan, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, Cal Moore, Corey Reddin

SHIVER Gothic: Secrets of Spireholm, Parable Games
Authors: Charlie Menzies

Swords of the Serpentine, Pelgrane Press
Authors: Kevin Kulp and Emily Dresner

Vaesen RPG – Mythic Britain & Ireland, Free League Publishing
Authors: Graeme Davis, Mathew Tyler-Jones, Dave Semark

Vermin 2047 – Survival Kit, Studio Agate
Authors: Julien Blondel, Yegor “Silenus” Kozlov

Best Supplement​

Barkeep on the Borderlands, Prismatic Wasteland
Authors: W.F. Smith, Anne Hunter, Ava Islam, Ben Laurence, Chris McDowell, Emmy Verte, Gus L., Luka Rejec, Marcia B., Nick LS Whelan, Ty Pitre, Zedeck Siew

Incantations, Metal Weave Games
Authors: HTTPaladin, Kirsten Bell, Lucia Versprille

Into the Cess and Citadel, Wet Ink Games, LLC
Author: Charlie Ferguson-Avery

Intoximancy, Steve Conley
Author: Steve Conley

Roll & Play: The Sci-Fi Character Kit, Roll & Play Press
Authors: Sam Bartlett & Beth Davies

Best Writing​

Gran Meccanismo, Osprey Games
Author: Mark Galeotti

Necrobiotic Core Rule Book, Penny for a Tale
Authors: Valerio Amadei, Andrea Marmugi, Mitchell Wallace
Editor: Hannah Wallace, Amber Logsdon, Adi Slepack

Swords of the Serpentine, Pelgrane Press
Authors: Kevin Kulp, Emily Dresner
Editing/Sensitivity: Tim Gray, Cathriona Tobin, Misha Bushyager

The Book of The New Jerusalem, Pelgrane Press
Author: Paula Dempsey

The Wildsea: RPG, Mythopoeia Games
Author: Felix Isaacs
Editing/Sensitivity: Ryan Khan, Ellan Aldryc

Product of the Year​


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Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
Oh, man. I am not used to owning as many of these nominees as I do this year.

Incantations definitely deserves the wider recognition it's going to get off this -- it's the kind of product I think people say they want, but don't realize exists.

And amazing that a third party Shadowdark adventure (Shrine of the Jaguar Princess) has gotten an Ennie nomination before the game itself is officially eligible.


Not gonna lie, this made my day :)


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