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D&D 5E Here There Be Dragons: Unique Dragons For Your D&D Game!

Meet Syndrathrax the Soul Hoarder, Bezkusmet the Unscaled, Glamdrellyxxana the Gold, Teyladin the Reclaimer, and The Librarian of Orban Tur.

Five unique dragons ranging from CR 9 to a mighty CR 27, and a collection of draconic rules and player options, this 28-page softcover book contains brand new wyrm-based material for your 5th Edition game!

Each dragon is lovingly detailed over several pages, with its own description, backstory, illustration, and those all important game statistics!

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

DnD Warlord

This is the first Kickstarter in a while that has caught my eye. I love the idea of the gold dragon (click the link in OP and read it).

I have to wait to see how my next pay check looks but this may be a buy for me.

I do wonder exactly how the mew inspiration works and if I could do a draconic themed run with it

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