D&D 5E Here's A Look At 3 Adventures from the Radiant Citadel

Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel features 13 adventures, all written by people of colour. Here's a quick peek at three of them, as details start to emerge across the internet!
  • Salted Legacy (1st level, Surena Marie). Rival merchant families are at war in the Night Market. Various challenges such as a timed cooking challenge.
  • Written in Blood (3rd level, Erin Roberts). Based on the black experience in the Southern US, features a haunted farm and commoners who becoming violent; the adventurers need to figure out why without harming them.
  • Shadow of the Sun (11th level, Justice Arman). Persian-themed, factions in a city ruled by a celestial being are in conflict.


The full list of adventures is:
  • Salted Legacy
  • Written In Blood
  • The Fiend of Hollow Mine
  • Wages of Vice
  • Sins of Our Elders
  • Gold for Fools and Princes
  • Trail of Destruction
  • In the Mists of Manivarsha
  • Between Tangled Roots
  • Shadow of the Sun
  • The Nightsea’s Succor
  • Buried Dynasty
  • Orchids of the Invisible Mountain

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Well those of us that love a good hack n slash are unlikely to be interested in the new cartoon fluffy way of DnD. But we've got 50 of years of stuff to use, so hopefully this is a success for a different audience.
How to tell us you didn't read the article without telling us you didn't read the article. Since at least two of the three adventures (the Southern Gothic and the Persian ones) sound anything but light and fluffy...


You can make fun of it, but when you want a game where violence is the last option you are much better off with Shadowrun, Warhammer or many other systems. D&D is designed for violence to be the first option which is why it makes sure that every character is good at violence with everything else being optional.
Some of us have been doing that whole roleplaying thing with D&D for decades just fine, thank you.

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