D&D 5E Here's Dragons of Stormwreck Isle's Table of Contents

Enterprising fans have managed to decipher the table of contents from the upcoming starter set, Dragons of Stormwreck Isle.

The ToC was posted Reddit by a user named bobbness. The boxed set comes out in July (if you're in America) or October (if you're not).

Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 10.38.54 AM.png

Here is is in full!

Running the Adventure
Role of the Dungeon Master
Adventure Maps
The Forgotten Realms
Adventure Background
- Adventure Outline
Getting Started
- Number of Players

Chapter 1: Dragon's Rest
Welcome to Dragon's Rest
Drowned Sailors
Meeting the Inhabitants
Dragon's Rest Locations
Character Quests
Exploring the Island
Hot Springs House
There, There, Owlbear
Kobold Renegades
What Lies Beneath

Chapter 2: Seagrow Caves
Caves Overview
- Seagrow Caves Features
Running This Chapter
Approaching at Sea Level
Approaching from Above
Exploring the Caves
Interacting with Myconids
-Seagrow Caves Locations
Ending this Chapter
- Gain a Level

Chapter 3: The Wreck of Compass Rose
Shipwreck Overview
- Shipwreck Features
Running this Chapter
Shipwreck Locations
Harpy's _____
Ending this Chapter
- Gain a Level

Chapter 4: Clifftop Observatory
Observatory Overview
- Observatory Features
Running this Chapter
Approaching by Land
Approaching by Water
Sparkrender Kobold ______
Observatory Locations
Sparkrender’s ______
Ending the Adventure

Appendix A: Magic Items
Using a Magic Item
Item Descriptions

Appendix B: Creatures
Creature Stat Blocks
Creature Descriptions

The adventure references a location called Dragon’s Rest — which is also the name of an old Dragonlance module set in the continent of Taladas.

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Strange that there are blanks (_____) in some of the section titles. I assume this is not a picture of the final product?

bedir than

Full Moon Storyteller
It's interesting that there are no character creation rules.

For some reason I had thought this was a combo of starter and essentials


Lowcountry Low Roller
Timing is good as I’m supposed to run a short beginner game for some folks in August/September and this looks perfect.

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