D&D 5E Here's Tasha's Contents Page

IGN has posted the contents page from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, along with a slew of art.


They also spoke to WotC, who commented on some of the DM tools -- "The DM Tools chapter also includes rules and suggestions for what are being called "Supernatural Regions." These otherworldly locations include (among others) haunted realms where restless spirits wander freely, the Lovecraftian nightmare of a world beyond the known sphere of existence, or a delightfully horrifying colony of mimics." The Far Realm, which is outside the Great Wheel, is where beholders and illithids come from. They also note that there weren't many Unearthed Arcana subclasses which didn't make it into this book.

Tasha's Cauldron of Everything comes out on November 17th in America, and December 1st in Europe, Asia, and Pacific countries.
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-I do like the picture of the Mimic Colony, a concept I know that was sort of covered with Nimicri in Planescape.
-It's confirmed they settled on Aberrant Mind instead of Psionic Soul for the name of the Sorcerer subclass.
-I'm glad that the more esoteric subclasses from the UAs are in.
-The game definitely needed something for hauntings, as I feel that might be the most common concept of a supernatural region.


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At first, I was really on the fence about getting the book, but I think I'll take it. Even ignoring any controversial changes to player-facing issues, there seems to be alot of great stuff in the DM tools section that I would absolutely love to try. I'm hoping the exploration parts of it has expanded in a fun and interesting way.

This reply from Jeremy in the interview part will make some people happy:

IGN: I see a lot of cantrips from the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide in the Spells section. Are those simple reprints or have there been updates made to them?

When we decided to bring in the Bladesinging subclass for the wizard into this book and remove the [Forgotten Realms*]-specific elements of it – which includes removing the requirement that a person be an elf or a half-elf to be a member of that subclass, so we're very officially opening the subclass up to everybody – we decided that if we're going to bring in Bladesinging, then we should bring in the cantrips that we originally designed to go along with that subclass. So that's the main reason those cantrips appear in this book. Then, in the process of bringing them over, we decided to make a few tweaks to those spells so that the wording would better align with our original design intent [...] Any of the changes that people see there really are just bringing those spells into alignment with how we always meant for those spells to function.

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