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Hero Forge Custom Color Mini Kickstarter Is Live - And Funded!

Hero Forge 2.0 Kickstarter is live and kicking. Fully funded and unlocked all stretch goals with 30 days to go.


$39 for one mini, $75 for two, $149 for four, $219 for six, $350 for ten, $5,000 for 125, $10,000 for 250 (and yes, people have backed those last two levels!)
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Here's a video with a closeup look at a pre-production sample mini.

It really is full colour, with gradients. Very impressive, but it does look a bit "toy-like" to me. Also it looks like the smooth surfaces are rougher (more 3D printing artifacts) compared to the last Hero Forge mini I got.


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Halloween Horror For 5E


Halloween Horror For 5E