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The party has rested again, gaining a full night's sleep, and has re-gained all of their spells.
There was a single encounter during the night; a pack of 5 regular Wolves found the campsite, but kept their distance, because of the number of people in camp. They moved on rather quickly, in search of easier prey.

Current Time: Patchwall 23, CY 963 9:00 AM

The party is in the staging area at the end of the tunnel. Dewydd has just finished casting his preparatory spells.

EVERYONE: What do you do?

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Sylvar B.

OOC: Sylvar uses his knowledge of Spellcraft to identify the spells that Dewyyd cast. Sylvar rolled a 33

"...Everyone gather within 10 feet of me. I'm going to cast invisibility sphere. Anyone who stays within ten feet of me will not be seen unless they attack. It will gives us the time and ability to enter the fortress undetected."

Sylvar then casts Invisibility Sphere on himself.

Sylvar recites:
"...Obscure as if dark;
Hidden in plain sight."

An iridescent field can be see emanating from Sylvar. The field expands to envelope everyone and disappears into the rock of the cave. Unbeknownst to the party the field creates a ten foot sphere and then dissipates, rendering everyone within invisible.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
XP Award Time!

XP Awards:

The following xp awards are for everyone EXCEPT Respen, who was not present:

Whole party: Roleplay: +1,500 xp. ea.
Whole party: Healing the horses: +500 xp. ea.
Whole party: Interrogate dead Giants: +750 xp. ea.
Whole party: Discovery of the Giant fort: +750 xp. ea.
Whole party: Scouting the fort: +750 xp. ea.
Whole party: Ambush of the Ogre patrol: +1,050 xp. ea.
Whole party: Reunification bonus: +2,500 xp. ea.


Vega only: Interlude (What happened?): +1,000 xp.

Lathir only: Brilliant spell strategy vs. patrol: +1,000 xp.
Lathir only: Roleplaying bonus: Initial reaction to Nel: +2,500 xp.
Lathir only: Extensive roleplay w/ Nel: +1,000 xp.
Lathir only: Scouting as a Vulture: +500 xp.
Lathir only: Tam’s inheritance: +500 xp.


Sylvar only: Rhyming ballad 30 lines long at DM’s request: +2,000 xp.
Sylvar only: Extensive roleplay w/ Nel: +1,000 xp.


Tam-Tam only: Fear of / fascination w/ Nel: +750 xp.

Dewydd only: Making DM laugh (flirt w/ Nel): +1,500 xp.
Dewydd only: Noticing name discrepancy: +500 xp.


Vale only: Use of spells (Augury, Burrowing, Stone Shape):
+1,000 xp.

The following xp awards are for Respen only:

Negotiations w/ Clare: +2,500 xp.
Keeping your sworn oath: +750 xp.
Compassion / mercy for Nel: +750 xp.
Compassion / mercy for Ky: +750 xp.
Negotiations w/ Laramon: +750 xp.
Obtaining help (scrolls) from Clare: +1,000 xp.
RESPEN TOTAL XP: 6,500 xp.


Supplemental Info From Nel (Chapter 4, Last Page):

Dorinda's wand was a Wand of Hold Person.
Dorinda's ring was a Ring of Protection +4.

Supplemental Info From Respen's Identify Session (Chapter 4, Last Page):

The wand was a Wand of False Life (3rd Lvl Caster, Sor/Wiz, 1d10+3 extra hit points, duration = 3 hours or until discharged in combat.)
The Ogre Leader's ring was a Ring of Protection +1
The Ogre Magi's cloak was a Cloak of Resistance +2

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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Supplemental Info From Lathir's Aerial Patrols

The following layout was gathered by Lathir, with his keen, Vulture's eyesight, while patrolling the sky over the last few days.

There seem to be three structures: a main building, a smaller building, and a tower. There are indeed other entrances to the place; there are gates on the North wall and on the East wall, both of which lead into the rear courtyard of the place.

However, it should be noted that the courtyard is inhabited by 14 Dire Wolves, who are constantly running, playing, and resting in the courtyard.

Giant Fort From Above 001a.jpg

Lathir has also noted other doors, as indicated on the map.

The tunnel comes out at the rear of the fort, on the Western side, about 20 yards away from the wall itself. This position is OUT OF VIEW of the Orc encampment.


And remember, here is the cross-section on what the tunnel exit looks like:

000 - Cross Section of Tunnel-Cliff-Underground Room.jpg

EVERYONE: What do you do?
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
More Supplemental Info About The Fort [PART TWO]

GM: Here is another map, that shows "close to scale" (I eyeballed it) distances between the tunnel's exit point, the cliff face, and the fort.

Detailed Distances For Fort And Tunnel 001.jpg

GM: At a slow walk (Double Move, 60', which will allow the party to stay together easily within the Invisibility Sphere) it will take two rounds (12 seconds) to cover the distance between the trap door and the West wall of the fort.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
While the party is standing around in the staging area, Nel reaches behind her, and opens a flap on her backpack; she then draws out a nice-looking, Mithral short sword, which doesn't look as if it should have fit properly. She re-buttons the flap, and holds the sword at-the-ready in her right hand.

She smiles at Respen, "Just trying to be prepared."

Sylvar B.

Alright if everyone is ready we should get going. The Giants aren't going to kill themselves. Sylvar looks at Respen, Lathir and Nel... Unless you have a spell for that....Sylvar chuckles to himself.The decision we need to make is whether we go for the closer door or the double doors.
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Kleborn: He thinks for a moment, and says "if we all need to stay together to remain invisible, would it be better to go through the double doors?"

Thallok: Thallok notices Nel taking out her sword, and says, "Good thinking, female one." He draws his falchion and says "Whatever we decide, let's be quick about it. I have not used this sword in a long time."
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Tam-Tam whispers to Sylvar with a devious glint and a conspiratorial smirk, not really caring if the others hear, he just doesn't want the dire wolves to hear, knowing they have the keenest ears of all:

"Friend Sylvar, just find me a spot to sneak around and make my moves and I'll do my part for good and all."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
As the party is taking a moment to contemplate what to do about the Dire Wolves, everyone hears the beginning drops of rain on the false door above; within seconds (6 seconds, or 1 round, to be exact) the drops intensify to a downpour. It is raining again.

Spells have now lost 1 round of their duration. It is now raining HARD. Visibility of the Orcs and fort defenders will be lessened (as will yours), and the sound of the rain will serve to drown out all but the loudest of noises.

EVERYONE: What do you do?

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