Sylvar B.

Sylver spends every spare moment learning from Collin's mother. He drinks in stories and knowledge about history, the places and people she has visited and seen. In addition he spends a significant amount of time reading a learning about how to summon different creatures. He inquires of Collin's mother if she can teach him to summon more powerful creatures, he seeks to find if there are items he can carry that he can use to augment his summoning ability at his current level.

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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Collin's Plan Part One

Once the introductions are concluded, Collin says, “Do you have a campsite nearby? If so, we should pay it a quick visit, and gather up anything that you’d rather not leave behind.”

Collin snaps his fingers, and suddenly, the large Dragon is gone; in his place, stands a comely, male Gray Elf, with blonde hair, and silver eyes, wearing fine, brown leather armor, and green silk pants, complimented by a white, silk shirt. He stands about 6’4” tall, and is a bit on the heavier, more muscular side, compared to the average Gray Elf.

“If you don’t mind, once you have everything you need from your camp, I’d like to take you to meet my mother; I’m sure she’d be delighted to meet the heroes who sundered the power of Nosnra’s tribe. Nosnra and Vulka were powerful forces of evil, who long dominated this region. Ending their reign of terror was a great service to all the citizens of Geoff. And if you’d like to stay awhile, you’ll find that my mother’s hospitality is unmatched.”

Collin asks the four surrendered Giants, in their native language, if they’d like to leave this place. All of them nod, yes. Collin then casts 4 spells (1 on each Giant) causing each one to shrink down to man-size.

GM: Collin casts Reduce Person four times.

Collin tells the party that the spell will last long enough for the Giants to use the party’s escape route, and reach the overlook campsite. From there, Collin says he will instruct them on where to go. He tells the party that they should be able to reach the area that he will tell them about; from there, his mother can assist them in leaving the region, and finding a new home.

The party leads Collin and the four Giants out on foot, the way they came; the whole group reaches the overlook in less than two minutes. The rain is still falling heavily, and the party quickly becomes drenched, from head to toe. Collin instructs the Giants where to go from here; since several party members speak Giant, it is easy to surmise that he is telling them to head for a location which is 20 miles Northeast of this campsite, at the edge of the Oyt Wood, along the banks of the Javan River. The Giants nod, and seem to understand his instructions, indicating that they have visited that part of the region before, while participating in raids. Collin tells the Giants that they should arrive there after about 6 hours of overland travel, and that once there, they should camp there for at least two days.

As a gesture of goodwill, Collin allows each of the four Giants to take a suit of Drow Banded Mail, and a Masterwork Greatsword. All of them already have several rocks in their bags that will enable them to hunt agile prey such as deer and wild hogs. Collin tells them that killing animals is fine, but that he’d better not hear of them molesting any Humans, Dwarves, Elves, or other Demi-Humans. The Giants readily agree to Collin’s terms.

As the party is collecting their gear, Collin raises the claw with the ring, and activates it. Those with Spellcraft can tell that the spell effect is similar to the Mount spell, except that it creates an enormous sled, which is big enough not only for all of the party members to sit in, but also contains a rear cargo area that is big enough to load all of the horses onto. There is also a set of reins and a large harness attached to the sled. After the campsite is cleared, Collin returns to his true form, and dons the harness; it is clear that Collin intends to play the role of horse, except that this “horse” can fly!

Collin informs the party the journey shall be swift, and that the sled is enchanted; as long as the sled is at least 500 feet off the ground, it will remain invisible to anyone on the ground. Collin says that the journey, which will be a distance of about 90 miles to the Northeast, will take about 8 or 9 hours, depending upon whether or not the weather breaks.

[sblock=Duncan only]
90 miles to the Northeast is where the city of Hochoch is…

Collin darts upward, causing the sled to shift violently, but the party can feel some sort of magical force, pushing on them in the opposite direction of the sled’s G-forces, enabling them to remain still, and avoid falling out of the sled. The party has almost zero visibility for the first two hours of travel, as the rain continues to pour from the sky; but the party is pleasantly surprised to find that the magic of the sled includes keeping them out of the weather, perfectly dry despite the heavy rainfall.

After Collin manages to outrun the rainfall, the skies clear, and the party is treated to spectacular views of the forested hills below. After another hour, the party is able to see a river below, as the forests of the Oyt Wood fade from view, giving way to miles and miles of grassland prairies. Collin seems to be following the river, and near the journey’s end, the party is surprised to find that they are approaching a large, walled city!

Collin lands quickly, about a mile outside the walls, near one of the inbound roads; he lands without being seen, well behind the merchant caravan that is farther ahead, near the entrance to the city. Collin activates the ring again, and the sled vanishes. He then returns to his Gray Elf form, and bows.

Collin smiles, and says, “Welcome to the City of Hochoch. Follow me, my mother’s tower is the city’s trade district, which is still another hour on foot.”


GM: P.S. We will assume that the posts directed to Collin's mother occur once the party arrives at her tower. And that part of the story is coming soon!
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Meeting With Collin's Mother: Lady Abigail

Hochoch Is it medium-sized city of about 10,000 people; it is a walled city, the wall itself being made of cobblestone, being about 15 feet high, and 6 feet wide, with crenellations at the top. The walls look as if they have been knocked down and rebuilt many times, judging from the mismatched colors of the stones. Archers patrol the wall’s perimeter, and pikemen guard the main gate. It takes about 20 minutes of standing in line to be cleared for entry by the gate guards. The guards tell the party members that they can stable their horses at the main stable facility, which is only about 600 feet inside the city, on the first street to the left. The street, appropriately, is named Stabler’s Lane, because there are numerous stables and corrals all along the street. The stables are mainly for day visitors to the city, since most inns have a dedicated stable for their overnight guests. The corrals are for livestock, Hochoch being a trading hub for sheep, cattle, and horses.

GM: The cost for stabling a single horse for 1 day is 5 sp. The evening is another 5 sp.; thus, if a horse is stabled overnight, the total cost is 1 gp.

Once the party has paid to stable their horses, Collin leads them through a maze of streets, taking about 45 minutes to reach the center of the city, where his mother’s tower is one of the three tallest structures in the center of the city’s Noble District. The Noble District has its own inner wall, and another pair of pikemen guarding the main entrance; Collin tips his hat to the gate guards, who both smile in recognition, and wave him and the party through.

The three largest structures in the city are all towers: the first is the Lord Mayor’s tower, the second is the tower of Miskatuuk, the Arch Magus of the Hochoch Mage Guild, and the third is Collins mother‘s tower; the Lord Mayor’s tower is a staggering 110 ft. in height, followed by Miskatuuk’s which measures 100 ft. high. The tower where Collin’s mother lives is modest by comparison, but still impressive, at a height of 85 feet.

Unlike the other two towers, the tower where Collin’s mother resides is not guarded. Collin produces a key from his belt pouch, unlocks the door, and leads the party inside. Once inside, he touches part of the wall, and a rune appears where he lays his hand; the rune glows momentarily, and a pulse of magical energy shoots across the walls. It is obvious that he has just disarmed a series of magical traps.

“Follow me,” he says.

The party is impressed by all of this; the last place they expected to find a Dragon was inside a tower, in the middle of a Human city. The stereotypical Dragon’s lair, deep inside a volcanic mountain cave, seems not to apply to Collin and his mother, who both live here in the guise of benevolent Gray Elves.

Collin leads the party upstairs, through several levels of the tower. The stairs are not continuous; upon reaching the top of one flight of stairs, a visitor is obligated to cross to the opposite side of this new level, to another flight of stairs. This seems to be a security measure; it would be hard to flee this tower, having to constantly run across each level to get to an opposite set of stairs.

The second-floor is a huge library; the entire level probably houses between 30,000 and 40,000 books. Respen notes that not even the mage guild of Dyvers has such an impressive library as this.

The third floor of the tower houses a huge, formal dining area, a smaller, informal dining area, a kitchen, and a huge larder, with enough supplies to keep two people fed for many, many months. Along the walls, are numerous curio cabinets, filled with fine, porcelain dishes, and elegant, silver utensils. Collin and his mother seem well-prepared, and capable of entertaining between 20 and 30 guests, judging from the number of chairs, and the massive size of the formal dining table.

The fourth floor is a series of rooms, for various activities; there is a den area, which contains couches, wing-back chairs, coffee tables, and end tables. On one of the coffee tables, there are five, well-crafted, wooden pipes, and small, oak box labeled “tobacco.” There is also another small library, numbering about 5,000 volumes, and several comfortable-looking leather chairs, obviously for reading.

Lastly, there is an office, complete with a large, elegantly-crafted, oak desk, fine, leather chairs, a crystal ball, a large wall map, and a small, oak table with various glass vials laid upon it.

Seated behind the desk is the most comely woman anyone has ever seen; even the Elves of the party cannot remember seeing another Elf maiden of such surpassing beauty. She smiles upon the party’s entrance, and rises to greet them.

Collins Mother Gray Elf Form 001.jpg

She is a Gray Elf, standing 6’7” tall, with flawless, fair skin, silver hair, and bewitching, violet-amber eyes. She is thin, and lithe, statuesque in form, having wide hips and a bountiful chest, though her clothing is modest, and not very revealing. Even the gorgeous Nelvandra pales in comparison. She looks quite young, perhaps akin to a Human female in her mid-20’s, but everyone in the party is far too wise to proceed upon such a foolish assumption; to be who she is, to hold the station and wealth that she does, she must be ancient in age.

She introduces herself in a polite, cordial manner: “Greetings, I am Abigallendoraleppendroxx, but you can call me Lady Abigail; I am a member of the Hochoch Merchant Guild, and serve as a council member on the Lord Mayor’s advisory cabinet. I am also an emeritus member of the Hochoch Mage Guild, the current Guildmaster, Miskatuuk, having once been my greatest student. My son, Collin, almost never brings me any company, so I can surmise that this visit must be of great import and significance. Whom might all of you be?”
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