Sylvar B.

Sylvar hides his shock that Collin is a dragon, but is pleased to have him in on his side... While making eye contact with each newcomer individually, Sylvar introduces himself with a flourish of his cape and a slight bow. Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen, and Master Collin, I am Sylvar Belanor, sometimes known as Gretious Von Kirk Sylvar pauses for a moment, searching for a hint of recognition on the faces of his temporary audience. Seeing none, he continues, Bard extraordinaire, adventurer, and as of a few moments ago chosen Champion of Uller." We are thankful for your help, surely this day would have had a different outcome were it not for your intervention, but really, we should get going... Sylvar address the group Let us all make hasty introductions and get out of this place before the evil hordes descend upon us.

As the others busy themselves making introduction Sylvar approaches Nelvandra, he gets close enough to have quiet conversation, that is not likely to be overheard, but not too close. She is Drow, after all. My apologies, I judged you incorrectly, you were not deserving of my rancor.

Sylvar steps away from the Drow Princess thinking ~~I still don't like her presence in the party, but I don't think she is actively attempting to kill or enslave us all. We may not ever be friends, but I may as well be cordial.~~
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Just before he begins to walk away, Nelvandra smiles at Sylvar, and says, "It is true that The Drow take what they want, and that they detest the timid and the meek; I certainly do. But not all of us are truly cruel, vile, and malevolent. I can be ruthless at times, oh yes, but I do not delight in the suffering of others, nor do I delight in bringing ruin to the world; in fact, I like the world very much, just as it is. I save the ruthless side of my nature for my enemies, for those who truly deserve it. A certain amount of ruthlessness is required, in situations where one must kill or be killed. Ruthlessness calms the nerves, and allows one to follow through once a course of action has been chosen. Otherwise, I am more interested in fulfilling my own desires, my own dreams, my own ambitions. Life is a gift, and I intend to make the most of it, and wring from it all the pleasure, position, and comfort that I possibly can. I'm glad that your ire has abated, Sylvar, and I am pleased to call you a friend."


“I appreciate the assistance Collin. Rushing to guard the alarm from being sounded was a great tactical call. Brunk is a familiar name. We've run across it not even a fortnight ago. It is good to know his base of operations lies below.” Turning to the others I continue, “we should return soon to ensure we eliminate the threat we were previously alerted to. Otherwise it spells bad news for the entire region and Dyvers.”

“Sir Duncan, Dame Ebony, and Bronzeblade brothers, it is a pleasure to meet you all and thank you for joining in the battle. There is no doubt that you helped ensure we suffered no casualties. I am sure I speak for everyone in saying we would be delighted to accompany you to debrief the Mayor of Hochoch and see if our services are still needed.”

“I am Dewydd Moresby, second son of his Lordship Cadeyrn Moresby, under his Excellency, the Baron Kalinstren.” I execute a proper bow and then conclude, “let us make a speedy exit from this area before a battle far larger ensues.” Nodding to Collin, I gesture for him to lead on. As we move to follow, I add, “If we see the enemy, hit them with any spells you have that can reach them gentlemen. Let's give them something to remember us by.”

Aust Thale

Additional Respen Comments

Having introduced himself to Collin the Dragon, Respen turns to Duncan & Co. “Thank you for wading in when you did. It was indeed fortuitous. My name is indeed Respen, as my betrothed said. And I agree with Dewydd; we should return in haste to deal with these tossers. Personally, I’d rather they not remember anything about me, that is, because they can’t do so if they are all dead.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Posted on behalf of Vale (email submission)

~ Much to do, and little time to do it. ~

Mentally, Vale speaks to the Axe, “ Val, thank ye fer keepin’ me alive. Much appreciated.”

Vale migrates the remaining four giants to the foyer as prisoners, as well as the captives, paying particular attention to them.

He asks about their belongings and whether they might be close by, and if so, he will lead them to it, time-willing.

He speaks to the giants in their native dialect, being very familiar with it, saying proper names in common for the others to hear.

“Teslim etme seçiminiz hayatınızı kurtarır ve size bir gelecek verecektir.

Şimdi iki probleminiz var: sizi hevesle öldürecek bir ork domuzu var, ve dördü gerçekten bir işe ihtiyacınız var.

Söylediklerimizi yapmaya istekli iseniz, ikinizi de çözmenize yardımcı olabiliriz.

Kabul ederseniz, size yardımcı olmayı kabul ederse yoldaşlarıma soracağım.

Yeni isimler olacak. Sen Dave'sin. Sen Stuart'sın. Senin Carlın. Ve. Kevin sensin.

Eğer yardımımızı istiyorsan, her biriniz yeni isimlerinizi söyleyecektir.”

[sblock=Translation from Hill Giant dialect]

Your choice to surrender saved your lives and will give you a future.

You now have two problems: you have a horde of orcs who will kill you eagerly, and you four really need a job.

We may be able to help you solve both, if you are willing to do exactly what we say.

If you agree, I will ask my comrades if they will agree to help you as well.

You shall have new names: You are Dave. You are Stuart. You are Carl. And. You are Kevin.

If you want our help, each of you will say your new names.


As Respen and the others watch the giants, Vale quietly gathers Collin, Dewydd, and Nelvandra.

“Pleased to meet you, Master Collin! A Dragon!!! Magnificent! What an incredible story. We shall put down a pint when we are away from this place!

While on the subject, these four giants might be worth sparing. They didn’t want to fight for this evil rabble. They might make good farmers. Or guards.

We need to find a place for them or to send them while we prepare to put an end to this place once and for all. Thoughts? ”

Once resolved, Vale instructs the giants in simple terms what will become of them. He then summons them to leave, following Collin’s lead.

At the last moment, he stops himself. “One last action before we leave!” He dons the magic helm, and blows the horn, waiting for the Dire Wolves to come to him.

He is interested in the Alpha, communicating with the animal when it gets closer.

“You are not meant to serve these giants. You are meant to run free. Be free! Take your pack and leave this place, never to return.

This place is not safe. Danger and pain comes from the east. Hurry! Stay away from this place.”

As they are leaving, Vale introduces himself to Duncan, Ebony, and the brothers. “Well met! I like your style! We shall also share a pint when we are away from here!”



"I'm sure Moresby Hall could find a place for them. I'll have to commission a larger building be made to accommodate for their size, if they're willing.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

I have calculated XP awards for all party members, and I am listing them here; you can go ahead and update your sheets at your earliest convenience, but keep a copy of your pre-xp stats, because you won't actually be using your new stats until you're safe in Collin's mother's lair.

Respen, Vale, Nelvandra, Dewydd, Lathir, Sylvar, Thallok, Kleborn, Tam, & Collin:

23,975 each for monsters killed in combat
+1,500 Story Award: Sneak Into Fort / Avoid Wolves
+1,500 Story Award: Rescue 3 Female Prisoners
+1,500 Story Award: Decimate Giant Leadership (All Leaders)
+1,500 Story Award: Vulka's Curse / Sylvar's Redemption
+1,500 Story Award: Meet & Befriend Collin

TOTAL BASE XP AWARD: 31,475 xp. each.

Duncan, Ebony, Lenny, & Travis:

16,100 each for monsters killed in combat
+1,500 Story Award: Follow Tracks Into Fort / Help Party In Combat
+1,500 Story Award: Rescue 3 Female Prisoners
+1,000 Story Award: Decimate Giant Leadership (Some Leaders)
+1,500 Story Award: Vulka's Curse / Sylvar's Redemption
+1,500 Story Award: Meet & Befriend Collin

TOTAL BASE XP AWARD: 23,100 xp. each.

Individual Awards: (In Addition To The Base XP Award):

+1,000 Dewydd (pp. 8, #71)
+1,000 Dewydd (pp. 25, #242)

+1,000 Tam (pp.8, #73)
+1,000 Tam (pp. 12, #119)

+500 Thallok (pp. 8, #78)
+1,000 Thallok (pp. 9, #83)

+250 Sylvar (pp. 17, #162)
+1,000 Sylvar (pp. 25, #247)

+500 Duncan (pp. 15, #145)

+500 Ebony (pp. 15, #145)

+1,000 Respen (pp. 23, #223)


Kleborn looks excitedly at Collin, he has always wanted to see a dragon up close. He then turns his attention to the new comers. He addresses Collin, and the team of four, "Thank you for your assistance, and it is nice to meet you all. My name is Kleborn the Wolf, I am a newcomer to this group of adventurers. I was a member of the Greycloak council, until I was teleported into the midst of this group." THALLOK interrupts, "rather you were dropped into the group" Kleborn continues, "yes I was dropped and it hurt a tad, but I will spare you those details. I look forward to fighting more with you all, but first I look forward to meeting your mother Collin."

Thallok, says after Kleborn finishes "My name is Thallok Oakspear, son of Mallek The Bloody, and yes I am an Orc. I was a Sergeant in the Army of the True Believers of Gruumsh, under the guidance of Gurrok Mak, the one, true, favored king of He of the One Eye. However, my allegiance to him began to waiver when I started questioning his decisions. Our group came across the Heroes of Dyvers and I surrendered, when offered the chance to join them I gladly accepted. Now I travel and fight proudly alongside each of these individuals. Thank you all for your assistance in this fight."
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
After spending some time with Collin's mother, Lathir approaches Tam-Tam one morning after completing is ritual of dedication. At the completion of the ritual, Lathir retrieves his hat and his spear. Placing the hat upon his head, his appearance slightly transforms from his natural musculature to a softer physic more suited to someone of scholarly pursuits.

As he adjust his hat, he cocks his head as if in consideration of some past thought. He clasps the hat by its crown and removes it while he walks to find the Halfling. Once removed, neither the hat nor Lathir's appearance changes in any manner.

Finding Tam-Tam he says, "Little man, in a conversation passed, I conveyed to you that a time would come when I would no longer need this hat. That time is upon me, and as good to my word, here is the hat. Take care of it, and use it well, for I have always found it to be more powerful and more beneficial than item such as this is reputed to be."


Finding Tam-Tam he says, "Little man, in a conversation passed, I conveyed to you that a time would come when I would no longer need this hat. That time is upon me, and as good to my word, here is the hat. Take care of it, and use it well, for I have always found it to be more powerful and more beneficial than item such as this is reputed to be."

Tam-Tam receives the hat from Lathir with awe, gratitude and a little desire.

Almost gushing, Tam spews out: "Oh, thank you, Lathir. Ooo, a magic hat. WIll it fit me? Is there a command word before I try to transform myself? Can I be any size? Are there any side effects I should know about?" He says this last with a little trepidation, for he had heard of such things happening from some magic items.

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