Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Dewydd takes two swipes at the relentless Hill Giant, only one of which manages to connect; however, it is still a significant wound, severely gashing the Giant in his left calf.

GM: Hill Giant #4 has taken a total of 61 pts. of damage so far.

Tam, who is now visible, takes a single step forward, and lets two arrows fly; both arrows land true, the first skidding off of the Giant's shoulder, and the second burying itself into the meaty, top-portion of the Giant's right thigh. The Giant howls in frustration, as the holy power of the arrow makes the wound sizzle and burn!

GM: Hill Giant #4 has taken a total of 78 pts. of damage so far. The Giant is now severely wounded!

Lathir said:
Having no affirmation, he will continue toward the direction that he hears others to be...

Base Move: 40 ft.; Pursuit move (x4) = 160 ft.
Lathir can almost catch up to Kleborn, making it to square #J6.

After rushing past the newcomers, and noticing the surrendered Giant maids in the adjacent room, and also taking note of the snoring sounds coming from the closed door, Lathir continues onward, until he almost catches up to Kleborn.

Sylvar said:
With that, Sylvar joins Lathir in his search for Collin...

Base Move: 30 ft.; Pursuit move (x4) = 120 ft.
Sylvar catches up even to Lathir (Square #J7)

Sylvar rushes down the hallway, following Lathir, and is relieved to see, as he rounds the corner, that he is catching up to Kleborn; Thallok cannot be too much further ahead, either.

Duncan and Co. form an orderly column, and march carefully down the hall. The Giantess Maids in the adjacent room cower as they march by, afraid to meet their gaze.


Elsewhere, the Dire Wolves continue to feast upon the bodies of the fallen Orc servants!

Thallok: It's Your Turn! What do you do?

[sblock=Initiative Order / DM Housekeeping]
Initiative Order:

10th Round:

Respen: 25
Nelvandra: 21a

The Drow: 21c
The Troll: 21d
The Beautiful Giantess: 21e

Dewydd: 20a [31 Damage]
Koralynn Copperstrike (D1 / K): 20b
Tam-Tam: 19a
Lathir: 19b1
Dire Ape: 19b2
Sylvar: 19c

Duncan: 17b
Ebony: 17c
Lenny: 17d
Trav: 17e

Dire Wolves: 17f

Thallok: 16c

Hill Giant Guests (The Two Prone Brothers) (9 and 18): 16d
Hill Giant Guests (Dying / Bleeding Out) (12,15): 16e
Hill Giant Guests (Surrendered) (10,13): 16f

"Collin" The Gold Dragon: 16h

Remaining Hill Giant Commander (#3) [Bleeding Out]: 15a
Kleborn: 15b

Valoran The Axe: 10a
Vale: 10b

Remaining Hill Giant Guard (#4): 0 (DEAD LAST)

Prince Kraven = Dead
Snoggrella (M1)= Dead
Greenmuggella (M2)= Dead
Ogre Chef (Ogre #1) = Dead
Ogre Sous Chef (Ogre #2) = Dead
Ogre Sous Chef (#3) = Dead
Ogre #4 = Dead
Ogre #6 = Dead
Ogre #7 = Dead
Ogre #8 = Dead
Tiny = Dead
Tim = Dead
Bison = Dead
The Drider = Dead
Nosnra = Dead
Vulka = STASIS
Delliak = Dead
Darris = Dead
Elder Kanor (S1)= Dead
Elder Kurok (S2)=Dead Forever
Elder Kragg (S3)=Dead Forever
H1 =Dead
H2 = Dead
H3 = Dying (-5)
H4 =Severely Wounded (78) Half Move 24 Hrs; Current Move Rate: 45 ft. (Potion)
H5 =Dead
H6 =Dead Forever
H7 =Dead
H8 = Dead
H9 =Severely Wounded (71) Half Move 24 Hrs [Surrendered]
H10 =Moderately Wounded (46) Half Move 24 Hrs [Surrendered]
H11 =Dead
H12 =Dead
H13 =Moderately Wounded (67) [Surrendered]
H14 =Dead
H15 = Dying (-8)
H17 =Dead
H18 =Severely Wounded (63) [Surrendered]
H19 =Dead
H20 =Dead
H21 =Dead
H22 =Dead

[sblock=DM Notes To Himself]
Doing Things In Room #17: Dire Wolves

Doing Things In Room #1: "Collin" The Gold Dragon, H4, Dewydd

The Dungeon Master said:
(on 12-16-2017, Chapter 4 Thread, pp. 27, reply #270)

For the sake of continuity, I am going to say that the following party members had the following amounts of arrows:

Tam = 2 Quivers
Thallok = 1 Quiver
Kleborn = 1 Quiver

It seems that I messed up; Sylvar shouldn't have the Elven Arrows on him. So I will say that the arrows had been split differently; instead of two quivers, Tam-Tam is only carrying one; that makes sense anyway, since he's a little guy.

Elven Arrows Remaining (Tam): [16] Fired so far: 9 (7 remaining); have not checked for retrieval.
Elven Arrows Remaining (Thallok): [20] Fired so far: 0
Elven Arrows Remaining (Kleborn): [20] Fired so far: 0
Elven Arrows Remaining (Sylvar): [20] Fired so far: 9 (11 remaining); have not checked for retrieval.


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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

Thallok puts on a burst of speed, and darts into the room where the remaining Giant is!

Base Move: 30 ft.; Pursuit Move (x4) = 120 ft.
Thallok can make it to Square #N11, right next to Dewydd.

As Thallok rushes in to help Dewydd, he spies the enormous Gold Dragon!

~I sure hope this is Collin.~ He muses.

Meanwhile, in the main feast hall, Hill Giant #15 continues to bleed out.

GM: H15 [-9, Dying]

The other Hill Giants who surrendered (9, 10, 13, & 18) remain as they were. They make no aggressive actions.

Collin steps up, and puts an end to the remaining Elite Guard!

Attack Rolls: 20,20,34,28,17,25 (3 hits, 3 misses)
Damage: 16,20,30 = 66 pts. total. Attacks that hit = Claw, Wing, Tail Slap.
Hill Giant #4 has taken a total of 144 pts. damage so far; Hill Giant #4 goes down!
H4 [-42, Dead]

The remaining Hill Giant is no match for the fresh and ready Gold Dragon! Collin rakes a claw across the Giant's mid-section, leaving a horrible gash; he then spears the Giant with the horn at the tip of his wing, putting it straight through the Giant's left lung! Lastly, he slaps the dead giant with his tail, sending him flying across the room, where he crashes into the wall with a sickening CRUNCH!


The Hill Giants who were bleeding out finish doing so, and die. Combat has now ended!


After Kleborn and Vale declare their Round 10 actions, everyone else should declare their intent (on LINE chat), round by round, starting with Round 11.

[sblock=DM Housekeeping]
Dewydd: [31 Damage]

[sblock=DM Notes To Himself]
Doing Things In Room #17: Dire Wolves

The Dungeon Master said:
(on 12-16-2017, Chapter 4 Thread, pp. 27, reply #270)

For the sake of continuity, I am going to say that the following party members had the following amounts of arrows:

Tam = 2 Quivers
Thallok = 1 Quiver
Kleborn = 1 Quiver

It seems that I messed up; Sylvar shouldn't have the Elven Arrows on him. So I will say that the arrows had been split differently; instead of two quivers, Tam-Tam is only carrying one; that makes sense anyway, since he's a little guy.

Elven Arrows Remaining (Tam): [16] Fired so far: 9 (7 remaining); have not checked for retrieval.
Elven Arrows Remaining (Thallok): [20] Fired so far: 0
Elven Arrows Remaining (Kleborn): [20] Fired so far: 0
Elven Arrows Remaining (Sylvar): [20] Fired so far: 9 (11 remaining); have not checked for retrieval.


Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

GM: Since the Solar has already informed the party about the Drow's escape, and about the timetable of the Orc army's arrival, I thought I would share my notes with you on how I figured out the timing for all of this; I just thought it would be fun for the players to see what goes into game preparation on the DM's side of things. Enjoy!

[sblock=Notes on Orc Army's Arrival]
First round (9th combat round): Cast Dimension Door outside the fort. (Range: 680 ft.)
-Distance to edge of fort: 140 ft. will put him outside the Eastern fort wall, parallel with room #8.
-Remaining distance: 540 ft.
-Distance to edge of Orc camp: 900 ft.
-Further distance to center of camp: 750 ft.
-Spell will put him and his GF within 360 ft. of the edge of camp.

Second and third round: (10,11)
-Move speed: 30 ft. base, +30 for Haste = 60 ft. (pursuit move = 240 ft.)
-Taking pursuit movement the first round, and double move the next, reach edge of camp in two rounds exactly. (2,3)

Fourth round (12): catch the guards' attention and approach them.

It will now take 30 seconds (5 rounds) to explain what is happening to the guards. (5,6,7,8,and 9) [Haste Spell Ends Here.][C: 13,14,15,16, and 17]

The guards will then lead them at a double move (using guards' movement of 60 ft.) to the center of camp. (750 ft.) (13 rounds)

17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29 (Combat Rounds)

23rd Round (30): Guards tell the captain about visitors, show them into command tent.

It will now take 30 seconds (5 rounds) to explain what is happening to the captain. (24,25,26,27,and 28)[C: 31,32,33,34, and 35]

29th (36th) Round: Captain tells lieutenant to sound the alarm. Lieutenant leaves tent while shouting.

30th (37th) Round: Bugler starts to play formation. Formation takes 1d6+1 minutes. (Roll = 3 minutes; 30 rounds)

61st (68th) Round: Captain orders scouts to fly ahead to fort, in advance of the troop column.

- Notes about scout movement: Manticore fly speed: 50 ft. / Double move: 100 ft.

- It will take 2 rounds (63rd / 70th) for the scouts to mount up and begin flying.

- It will take 17 rounds for the Manticores to reach the fort; they can land on the 18th round.

- Landing = 81st / 88th Round. Landing will be in the courtyard.

- Starting in the 82nd / 89th Round, the scouts will be inside the fort.

- There will be 2 scouts

Marching at the quickstep (double move): movement speed 60 ft. per round. Movement will be from center of camp.

Total distance: 750 + 900 = 1,650 feet. (Div by 60 = 28 rounds to cover the distance.) But troops will stop 60 ft. short.

90th (97th) Round: Troop Column will be within charging distance of the fort.

91st (98th) Round: Orcs charge the fort.

It will take the Orcs 1d10 rounds to breach the front & rear gates with a battering ram. (Roll = 7)

98th (105th) Round: Orcs enter the fort from all entrances.

All of this took 98 rounds, or 588 seconds, or 9.8 minutes (9 minutes, 48 seconds.)

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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Getting Out Of The Steading


Looking to the Dragon, Dewydd says, "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dewydd Moresby, retired mercenary, and adventurer-at-large. Did Kraven call you 'Collin?' No offense, but it seems an odd, unimposing name for a Dragon."

Collin replies, "My name is Kollinevranorendraxx. Dragon names are nigh unpronounceable by non-Dragons, because of the number of syllables; thus, among polite company, we adopt nicknames based upon the first two or three syllables. That is why I am called Collin. And what the nickname lacks in impressiveness, I make up for in ferocity, as you can plainly see. By the way, I can see the expression of concern on your face; allow me to alleviate your fears. I am not your enemy. I mean you no harm. I came here this morning, about two hours before your party arrived, disguised as a Hill Giant, wearing the clothes of a stray Giant that I caught wandering the hills. My objective was to discover what the Giants were up to; recent reports of raiding have reached my mother's ears, and she and I became concerned, because the reports were strange, speaking of well-armed and armored Giants, who moved and fought as military units, attacking en masse, using guerrilla tactics. My mother and I quickly realized that the Giants must be getting help, so I came to investigate, hoping to gather enough intelligence to allow my mother to intervene."

Collin pauses thoughtfully for a moment, before continuing: "Despite my ferocity, I knew better than to take on the likes of Delliak, Nosnra, and Vulka alone. I am the superior of all of these lesser fops in combat, but I fear that Delliak and the other leaders would have made short work of a young Dragon like me. So I was biding my time, waiting for a chance to strike covertly. When they killed the first prisoner, I almost lashed out in desperation, but at the last moment, I heard your party charging down the hallway. When I saw you rush into the room and down that first Ogre with a single blow, I knew that you and your companions were the formidable sort, so I made up my mind, then and there, to make sure that you had your chance to take down as many of the leaders as you could; I rushed here, and began killing anyone who came near the gong. Facing a hall full of Giants is one thing, but facing an entire company of elite Orcs at the same time is another scenario entirely, one that ends with attrition, exhaustion, and finally, death. As you can see, I succeeded in my intent. No one even came near the gong, let alone got to ring it. But I also have the knowledge that the Solar gave me, and no doubt to you, as well; The Drow Wizard, Glimval Emerrus Quinnlan, AKA Glimval The Dark, has escaped, and even now, goes to warn the Orcs. Downpour or no, makes no difference. They will be here in a matter of minutes, and we'd best be gone before they get here."

Finally, Collin says, "You've decimated the main force here, on the ground level. But the Trolls of the Armbreaker Tribe, and the Bugbears of the Skullseeker Tribe are below, in the basement. There are at least 20 Trolls down there, and probably at least 50 Bugbears; they've all set up shop in the system of caverns that lie beneath this place. It is said that the Bugbears raise and train Carrion Crawlers as guard animals. To top it all off, the trolls are led by Brunk, a legendary warrior of immense strength and unmatched prowess. If we tarry here much longer, we'll likely find ourselves facing them en masse. However, without the Giant leadership, these brutes can do little, so it would behoove us to make a hasty exit from this place, while we can; it will take them months to reorganize, even with the help of the Drow. If you can gather your friends quickly, I can give you all a ride out of here," he says, pointing to a golden band on the middle digit of his left, rear claw.

GM: This conversation took 8 rounds. During those 8 rounds, the party re-assembled in the room with Dewydd and Collin. Once everyone is present, Dewydd offers a summary of what Collin just told him to his comrades. That takes another two rounds. Now that the party is all together, I'd like Duncan and Co. to make a post, explaining their presence here, at the request of the Mayor of Hochoch. Once this is done, the party members can spend a few rounds exchanging conversation, but then you guys need to think about making an organized effort to leave the steading.

While all of this is occurring, Nelvandra notices Respen and Vale eyeing the corpse of the dead Dire Bear, and immediately surmises their intent.

To Respen, Mentally:
[sblock=For Respen's Eyes Only]
In typical Drow fashion, Nelvandra is at once sternly demanding, and sweetly affectionate toward her fiancé: ~Don't even think about it. We have very little time, and I will not permit you to drag that smelly, bloody corpse along. If you even go near it, I will make your life a living hell. Now be a good boy, and OBEY ME. And remember that I wuvs my widdle Respy.~

GM: DM NOTE: Remember when you questioned the dead Giants in Chapter 4? Look here: WHAT THE GIANT SAID.

Aust Thale

Respen Whistling While Working

[sblock=Telepathically replying to Nelvandra]
Respen replies wryly with a hint of exasperation and feigned hurt, “The bear skin was for you, but since you are so intent on my obeying you, you get your wish. Princess, all that time among fur blankets and feather pillows and silk bedsheets has you so pampered you have forgotten where those accoutrements come from. I hunt, my dear, and I loathe waste. Put those two together, and you could have had a fine, thick fur cloak for the winter, and given the size of the bear, perhaps a spare cloak, a blanket, and a rug.

Respen turns his attention back toward bagging Kraven’s head, taking it with a ‘snikt’, and tossing it into a large leather bag.

[sblock=Continuing Telepathically]
Besides, these tossers all smell worse than the bears.

Respen was troubled. His attention to his religion had been, at its root, an academic, tribal, or practical exercise. He respected those of faith, and as he had demonstrated to Dame Clare, he knew at least tidbits about it, particularly as pertained to magic. The Solar has struck a chord in him, however. Faith was stirring, and he felt as he had alone in Erypts city and deserts, or as a passenger on the vast oceans coming to Greyhawk, or looking at the temples in all manner of places. He wanted that kind of commitment. He had always chafed at rules, but even in his short time with Vale, he saw that his faith need not be governed by rigid structure. He had no interest in the Drow deities. Lolth gave him the creepy crawlers. Corellon was the obvious choice, and nominally, Corellon was the Elven patron by default. However, Respen recognized that Corellon was by no means alone in his temples, often accompanied by lesser deities. He resolved to meditate on it and seek counsel with the Elven pantheon. The Solar indeed deserved credit for that, and he resolved to visit a temple with Sylvar on his quest out of genuine respect.

Turning his attention to Collin the Dragon, in amazement, bows, and in Draconic speaks:
“Qua libuit facere vestrum Magister Collin. Respen est nomen meum. Crimina condones truces ad te. Etsi scio draconiaci faciant lingua, ego numquam tam prope ad draco loqui usque ad unum. Es quidem vir sublimis creatura.”
[sblock=If you speak Draconic]
Pleased to make your acquaintance Master Collin. My name is Respen. Forgive my staring at you. Although I know the Draconic tongue, I have never been so close to a dragon to speak to one. You are indeed a majestic creature.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Respen said:
"...Put those two together, and you could have had a fine, thick fur cloak for the winter, and given the size of the bear, perhaps a spare cloak, a blanket, and a rug."

Nelvandra says to Respen, in Common, "The Drow do not lie upon Bear skins. We lie upon the velvety hides of Displacer Beasts. Raise your standards, my love."

Not having heard the telepathic part of the conversation, the other party members stare blankly at the couple.


Coming late to the party, Duncan and Company make their way into the hall, dragging a pair of large banners from the great hall behind them.

Ebony "Ok boys shake them out, I don't want them to foul up my haversack." The twins seem confused for a moment as everyone seems to be when shaking out sheets or folding a flag about which hand should be up or down or cross ways. While they're trying to figure it out Duncan disengages to address the adventurers.

"Well fought and again well met. For anyone who didn't catch it earlier, I am Sir Duncan of the Moore. This is my lady Dame Ebony of the Moore, and our companions Mister's Travis and Leonard Bronzeblade, brothers in good standing. On behalf of my company here, we thank you all for your assistance.

"We'd been dispatched by the Mayor of Hochoch to investigate attacks on the local caravans. We followed the devastation trail from the local roads, and found that orcish army camped outside. We skirted them, came across your camp and cave entrance, followed it down and stumbled right into the middle of your conflict.

"I do say the people of the region owe you all a word of thanks at the very least. From the capitol at Gorna, throughout the Oyt wood and across the Grand Dutchy of Geoff the people will know your names. Or they will once I do. Who... are you people?"

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Nelvandra's Introduction

Nelvandra looks the newcomers up and down, making no attempt to hide her skepticism; however, it is evident that she believes Duncan's story, for she proceeds to introduce herself in a polite, if somewhat aloof, manner:

Nelvandra (in the Common Tongue): "I am Nelvandra Delzeen, of House Delzeen, in the Great City of Shalistaurimon. I am a Wizardess of no small water, and this," she says, indicating Respen, "is my fiance, and devoted heart-mate, Respen Coraellus. His heart, and his body, belong to me. We are adventurers, wrestling with life, taking from it that which we desire, and gaining power and prestige in the process. I thank you, most kindly, for your offer just now, to help us in that endeavor."


Tam snickers a bit at Nelvandra's cheek. He was beginning to like this Drowess. She has verve.

He then introduces himself: "I am Tamartamlin Quickfoot. Orc killer, AND Orc friend. Gate traveller, Ogre's bane and Troll's demise, Wolf Rider and slayer of Cloud Giant princes.

But --- you can call me Tam."

He then holds out his hand in greeting.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Coming late to the party, Duncan and Company..."I am Sir Duncan of the Moore...."
Lathir / Orc, having finally joined with the rest of the group, nods at the introduction. He reaches up and adjusts his headband which suddenly appears to be a hat instead (looks like an Australian Jackeroo). His greasy dark red hair underneath no longer appears greasy or so dark. In fact it is much more blond. His reddened skin pales and seems much more suited to the strawberry blond hair. The apparent bulk of his body slims to the usual softness of a more scholarly person. The rest of his clothing, which seems very appropriate for an orc shaman, does not change it is truly his own.

OOC: This is Lathir constant disguise. The only time to see his true appearance is when he removes his hat to perform his morning ritual of dedication.

"Good to make your acquaintances. I am Lathir. I was formerly a forward army scout. I retired from that life some time back to live a peaceably as a farmer. It seems peaceably is not meant to be. My wife and child were slaughtered one day while I was away in the forest. In pursuit of those who perpetrated the malevolence, my path crossed with the priest, the wizard, the bard, and the mercenary back in Dyvers and I joined in on their endeavor. In the course of following events, it is basically my fault the group wound up way over here, as I was the first to step on a transport device.

Anyway, I am a druid in service to Mielikki

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