Thallok sees the priestess fall, yet sees and hears the curse. Luckily Thallok is not one to be scared of such a curse. He says, "I guess that is a victory, although Sylvar, you do not look too good. Let's get that taken care of, what do you say." He then looks back north where he was standing and says, "those giant maids came out of a hallway leading south, and in the great hall I heard a big commotion coming from the south. I am going to go down that hallway and see if there are any more enemies who needs to be taken out." He then quickly heads north and rushes toward the hallway then turns south going through the doors. As he is moving he has his falchion out ready for whatever or whoever he may encounter.

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Sylvar B.

OOC: Although not embarrassed by his sudden nudity Sylvar is does not wish to stay in his current condition for long. He notices a stuffed human barbarian whose size closely mirrors his own. He will walk over and strip him of his clothing and put them on. After covering himself he will gather his equipment and search the rest of the castle with his friends.

As per our FB Messenger conversation, the taxidermied trophies in this hallway are all either stuffed humans, demihumans, humanoids, or monstrous creatures. They probably all represent worthy opponents that Nosnra and/or Vulka have defeated over the years.

The Human Barbarian is about 6'7", and looks as if he once weighed in the neighborhood of 270 pounds. He is barrel-chested and muscular. He is wearing old fashioned clothes, of a style that was popular about 50 years ago. He is also wearing leather armor, which looks to be in excellent condition, despite how old it probably must be. The clothes and armor would fit the dimensions of your new physique quite nicely.

The time to remove leather armor if you are wearing it is normally 1 minute (10 rounds.) Since you would be taking it off of a taxidermied trophy, the time increases to 1.5 minutes (15 rounds.) The time to remove the clothes from the barbarian will be an additional 3 rounds.

Putting on the clothes will take Sylvar 2 rounds. Putting on the leather armor will take Sylvar 1 minute (10 rounds) or 5 rounds, if he wishes to "hastily don" the armor. (NOTE: Doing so would decrease the armor's granted AC by 1 point, and increase its Armor Check Penalty by 1 point.)

Therefore, it will take between 25 and 30 rounds (2.5 to 3 minutes) for Sylvar to "gear up" using the clothes and armor from the taxidermied barbarian.

25 Rounds: "Hastily Don" the leather armor.
30 Rounds: Don the leather armor properly.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Collin Is Down, But He Is Not Out! (GOLD DRAGONS ARE TOUGH!!)

As the battle continues, the number of combatants continues to dwindle at a rapid pace!

Hill Giant #12 bleeds out and dies.

Hill Giant #15 continues to bleed out.

Hill Giants #9, 10, 13, & 18 continue to lie flat, hoping to survive this ordeal.

Collin steps forward, and uses his long neck to take a bite out of the Hill Giant Commander, who is engaged with Dewydd!

Large Size, 60' Speed = 10 foot (2-square) adjustment.
Reach for bite attack = 10 feet.
Collin calls 5 points of Power Attack.
Attack Roll: (26) = Hits.
Damage: 26 pts.
The Hill Giant Commander has taken 106 pts. of damage so far. The Commander goes down!
Hill Giant #3 [-4, Dying]

The Commander is so focused on Dewydd, he fails to notice the subtle shift in the Dragon's posture; Collin cranes his neck over the two combatants, neither of whom were expecting his reach to be as far as it was. The Commander looks up, and tries to dodge out of the way, but he is too late!

Collin bites the Commander savagely on the neck, tearing a large chunk of leathery flesh off, causing the Commander's blood to spray Dewydd, covering the retired mercenary in EVEN MORE gore!

The Commander collapses to the ground, clutching his neck, unable to scream, managing only a slight gurgle!

Collin says, in the Common tongue, "Fear not, Human, I am on your side, and I have prevented them from sounding the alarm!"


GM: At this point, to make the battle go faster, I am changing the Commander's initiative to 15a, just before Kleborn. That way, I don't have to make a separate post just to say that he continues to bleed out.

Hill Giant #3 continues to bleed out.

GM: Hill Giant #3 [-5, Dying]

KLEBORN: It's Your Turn! What do you do?

[sblock=Initiative Order / DM Housekeeping]
Initiative Order:

9th Round:

Respen: 25 [14 Damage]
Nelvandra: 21a

The Drow: 21c
The Troll: 21d
The Beautiful Giantess: 21e

Dewydd: 20a [30 Damage]
Koralynn Copperstrike (D1 / K): 20b
Tam-Tam: 19a
Lathir: 19b1 [5 Damage]
Dire Ape: 19b2
Sylvar: 19c [8 Damage]

Duncan: 17b
Ebony: 17c
Lenny: 17d
Trav: 17e

Dire Wolves: 17f

Thallok: 16c [2 Damage]

Hill Giant Guests (The Two Prone Brothers) (9 and 18): 16d
Hill Giant Guests (Dying / Bleeding Out) (12,15): 16e
Hill Giant Guests (Surrendered) (10,13): 16f

"Collin" The Gold Dragon: 16h

Remaining Hill Giant Commander (#3) [Bleeding Out]: 15a
Kleborn: 15b [23 Damage]

Valoran The Axe: 10a
Vale: 10b [45 Damage; Severely Wounded!]

Remaining Hill Giant Guard (#4): 0 (DEAD LAST)

"Collin" The Gold Dragon = Grievously Wounded(159)

Prince Kraven = Dead
Snoggrella (M1)= Dead
Greenmuggella (M2)= Dead
Ogre Chef (Ogre #1) = Dead
Ogre Sous Chef (Ogre #2) = Dead
Ogre Sous Chef (#3) = Dead
Ogre #4 = Dead
Ogre #6 = Dead
Ogre #7 = Dead
Ogre #8 = Dead
Tiny = Dead
Tim = Dead
Bison = Dead
The Drider = Dead
Nosnra = Dead
Vulka = STASIS
Delliak = Dead
Darris = Dead
Elder Kanor (S1)= Dead
Elder Kurok (S2)=Dead Forever
Elder Kragg (S3)=Dead Forever
H1 =Dead
H2 = Dead
H3 = Dying (-5)
H4 =Moderately Wounded (44) Half Move 24 Hrs; Current Move Rate: 45 ft. (Potion)
H5 =Dead
H6 =Dead Forever
H7 =Dead
H8 = Dead
H9 =Severely Wounded (71) Half Move 24 Hrs [Surrendered]
H10 =Moderately Wounded (46) Half Move 24 Hrs [Surrendered]
H11 =Dead
H12 =Dead
H13 =Moderately Wounded (67) [Surrendered]
H14 =Dead
H15 = Dying (-8)
H17 =Dead
H18 =Severely Wounded (63) [Surrendered]
H19 =Dead
H20 =Dead
H21 =Dead
H22 =Dead

[sblock=DM Notes To Himself]
Doing Things In Room #17: Dire Wolves

Doing Things In Room #1: "Collin" The Gold Dragon, H3, H4, Dewydd

Dewydd's AC until his next turn: 24. (Heedless Charge)

The Dungeon Master said:
(on 12-16-2017, Chapter 4 Thread, pp. 27, reply #270)

For the sake of continuity, I am going to say that the following party members had the following amounts of arrows:

Tam = 2 Quivers
Thallok = 1 Quiver
Kleborn = 1 Quiver

It seems that I messed up; Sylvar shouldn't have the Elven Arrows on him. So I will say that the arrows had been split differently; instead of two quivers, Tam-Tam is only carrying one; that makes sense anyway, since he's a little guy.

Elven Arrows Remaining (Tam): [16] Fired so far: 9 (7 remaining); have not checked for retrieval.
Elven Arrows Remaining (Thallok): [20] Fired so far: 0
Elven Arrows Remaining (Kleborn): [20] Fired so far: 0
Elven Arrows Remaining (Sylvar): [20] Fired so far: 9 (11 remaining); have not checked for retrieval.


Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Thallok's Pursuit Movement [SUPPLEMENTAL POST]


Thallok's base move: 30 ft. w/ Haste: 60 ft.
Pursuit movement (x4): 240 ft.

Thallok races North, then back down the hallway where the maids came from. Passing down the hallway, he spies two more maids, both of whom are cowering, having heard the sounds of battle. They do not appear aggressive, so Thallok passes them by.

Thallok makes it to the point indicated on the map. As he does so, he hears a booming (yet muffled) voice coming from the door at the South end of the hallway. He cannot make out what the voice is saying.



All that has happened is a lot for Kleborn to take in. he thinks to himself ~what have I gotten myself into? I remember when fighting a ghost was difficult, now that seems preferable.~ The thought doesn't last long, he knows this is where he needs to be, plus it looks like another adventure is upon him. He looks back at Sylvar and shudders a little ~we need to fix him ASAP.~

He listens to Thallok say something about the giants coming from a hall to the south, then watches him take off. He shrugs his shoulders and says "That orc, always on the move." He tells the others, "I think I will follow Red." He quickly follows him in pursuit of whatever it is he is following.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
GM: Kleborn makes it to Square #G6. I will update the map at a later time. Kleborn makes it to that position without incident, seeing exactly what Thallok saw, except that he also noticed two additional things:

Vertical Doorway (N11-N10): The sounds of snoring.

Horizontal Doorway (N-O 6): The sounds of.... battle?!? Or maybe some loud raucous? A wild party? You can't be sure.

Valoran The Axe pipes up, in the Common tongue: "Lads, the Priestess is dead, ye hath won a great victory, I'd suggest retreating and regrouping. I can still hear the noise of the heavy rain outside. Those Orcs outside probably don't have a clue that anything's wrong... yet. Take a few minutes to gather what ye may, then beat a hasty retreat. My guess is that the Orc Commander will likely come knocking once the rain stops, wanting further orders, or perhaps wanting to make his regular report."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

GM: GM Notes on Various Things That the Party Needs to Know:

Figuring out the dimensions of objects and how they would stack inside the portable hole is an exercise in tedium that I am not willing to undertake. I will therefore handle it as follows:

A portable hole is 6 feet in diameter, and 10 feet deep, and cylinder-shaped.
A cylinder of that size is 283 cubic feet in size.
1 cubic foot of water weighs 63 pounds.

Therefore, a portable hole, which can hold 283 cubic feet worth of water, will hold (63 x 283) = 17,829 pounds.
I am rounding this up to an even 18,000 pounds.

So, keep a running total of the weight of the items that have been placed inside the hole. As long as it does not exceed 18,000 pounds worth of stuff, it will all "somehow" fit. (Hey, it's magic!)

REMEMBER: You need to go back to the previous loot list, and figure out the weight of all that stuff, and add it to the combined total also.

Gear for Large-sized creatures weighs twice as much as gear for Medium-sized creatures.
A giant-sized suit of Banded Mail weighs 70 lbs.
A giant-sized suit of Chain Mail weighs 80 lbs.
A giant-sized suit of Splint Mail weighs 90 lbs.
A giant-sized Greatsword weighs 16 lbs.

Hill Giant Adults are about 10½ feet tall and weigh about 1,100 pounds.

Cloud Giant Adult Males are about 18 feet tall and weigh about 5,000 pounds (Delliak and Vulka were not quite that big; Delliak was only 13'6" tall because of his youth. Vulka, being female, was 16'6" tall. Delliak weighed 3,800 lbs. Vulka weighed 4,600 lbs.)

Taking a suit of armor off of a Giant corpse will require 1.5 minutes (15 rounds) and people doing so need to have the following STR scores:

1,100 / 5 = 220 Max Load (i.e., 1,100 lbs. lift & drag) 16 STR to be able to strip the Hill Giants
(including Nosnra, Kraven, and Darius)

3,800 / 5 = 760 Max Load (i.e., 3,800 lbs. lift & drag) 25 STR to be able to strip Delliak
4,600 / 5 = 920 Max Load (i.e., 4,600 lbs. lift & drag) 26 STR to be able to strip Vulka

Thus, unless someone in the party has a 25 Str, it will be impossible to strip the armor off of Delliak.

Vulka turned to ash and reformed; therefore, her gear is simply lying on the floor, and can be gathered up and stored rather quickly.

Several corpses may be stripped simultaneously, if the party has enough members with a 16 STR. So you need to figure out who is strong enough, and have each of those party members stripping armor simultaneously. Then do the math, and post the results on LINE chat.

For example, if there are three party members who have the required strength, figure out the total time required, and divide that total by 3, to find how long it takes 3 people working simultaneously to complete the task.

There are 15 suits of Giant-sized (Large) Drow Banded Mail. (Hill Giants)

There are 2 suits of Giant-sized (Large) Drow Chain Mail that don't need to be stripped
(the two Stone Giant Elders turned to ash.)

There is 1 suit of Giant-sized (Large) Drow Chain Mail (third Elder Stone Giant) (I'll say a 17 STR to remove that one)
There are 4 suits of Giant-sized (Large) *Silenced* Drow Chain Mail (2 on Hill Giants, 1 on Vulka, 1 on Delliak)
There are 5 suits of Giant-sized (Large) Drow Splint Mail (Ogres; I'll say only a 14 STR to remove those)
There are 26 Masterwork Giant-sized (Large) Greatswords

Aust Thale

Vale Back On His Feet

~ Now I didn’t quite expect that ~

Vale, seeing the reactions of everyone to Vulka’s end, as well as hearing and seeing the Dying Curse (and the Axe’s alarm at getting out of here), remains measured.

OOC: Vale uses his last hasted action to cast Cure Serious Wounds (13 hp per rolz...sucks ass) and moves full possible movement back to where Thallok & Kleborn are headed (the hallway). He winks at the former dwarven captive and Duncan & Ebony.

To Duncan & Co. “Top of the morning to ye! Busy morning. Lots to do!
To Axe, “Thank you for the healing. Let’s be about an orderly and thorough retreat. But first, let’s pick apart what we can.

Aust Thale


Current Portable Hole Can Hold 18,000 lbs.
(Pursuant to DM discretion)

Current contents, including all Armor/weapons from Great Hall Giant Clash,
(w/Delliak & Vulka Armor), but NOT items still to be found or retrieved weigh
approximately 9,220 lbs.

In addition, Vale has Magic Haversack.
The party has 5 Tenser’s Floating Disk spells
(Each capable of moving 300 lbs) for 3 hours ea.
(Assuming 3rd Level creation).

[sblock=Screenshots of Loot Data]

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Sylvar B.

As Sylvar works to strip the clothes off the stuffed barbarian he becomes increasingly frustrated...He thinks to himself, --If Uller helped me kill Vulka, surely he is greater than Lolth-- Sylvar speaks out loud... "Uller turn your eyes upon your champion, look at my current condition. Another, lesser god has dared to curse your chosen. I implore you, come to my aide once again." With great expectation, Sylvar waits for the curse to be lifted.

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