Heroscape is back?! Update: the fund failed.


I don't believe in the no-win scenario
There is, but I also would think that if they wanted to make a sci-fi version of Heroquest they'd need to make sure they were doing something sufficiently different that Games Workshop wouldn't have an obvious IP theft lawsuit on their hands. If I were doing it it would be a bit less "power armored space marines on military missions" and a lot more "eclectic group of scrappy weirdos on salvage runs".
Right, and working out a license might be too much of a headache. Might be easier to just make up a whole cloth sci-fi theme.

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(he, him)
First HeroQuest, and now this? Whoever is coming up with these ideas needs a raise!
Do Hasbro have any other Hero* properties in the vault?

I hope the terrain and miniatures are “compatible” with Herosquest and D&D Onslaught
The terrain won't be, if it is in any way compatible with the old HeroScape. The minis could be on smaller bases without breaking anything, though.



New Publisher
I used this so much in my DnD games. Could never get anyone to play the actual game, though. When we moved, I never thought we'd have another house again, so I sold all the terrain and most of the minis. I still have the Marro minis, as they are great for most of the campaigns I run.

I wonder if we may be Heroscape miniatures based in famous licences for outsider fanbase, for example from videogames. Then it would be something like "mercenaries" faction. Why not the mutant creatures from Gamma World, or old Hasbro's glories, for example Visionaries or Inhumanoids?

There is also the option to use these miniatures as "proxies" for other games, and not only "Hero Quest" but different systems, and even by other company.

Will we see an app for sole-player games?


Right, and working out a license might be too much of a headache. Might be easier to just make up a whole cloth sci-fi theme.
Also the benefit of making up your own stuff is that if it takes off you now have a new thing to sell to people that belongs to you rather than doing work marketing someone else's creation that they can move to a different company at the end of their contract with you. Hasbro seems to be in a place where if the brand isn't big enough to where their stuff can just ride on its coattails they aren't going to develop it themselves. That's time and money taken away from what could be the next My Little Pony or Transformers or whatever. Like they'll plop Nintendo Monopoly or Mario Bros. Life out onto the retail shelves and make money on them, but spending a lot of time developing games deeply connected to Mario as a brand just doesn't make sense when they could be either developing something new or spending that time developing something they already own instead.

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