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It's really weird that the highest post count on this site is still @Crothian, who hasn't been seen since 2015, but has 44,849 posts -- I'm the next highest with 41,230 posts, but an extra 4 years and I haven't caught him yet.
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I remember the Crothian Era and it’s no surprise to me that he still has the most posts. :)


I honestly hadn't realized Crothian had become inactive.

I've been availing myself of the faster searching to read a bunch of old threads, and it is sad to realize how many of the people who were once some of my favorite posters drifted away years ago.


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Question @Morrus - the old software had top-100s for xp, laughs, post count (for a while anyway); does the new software support this and if so, where are the lists to be found?

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