Free Hit Points; Running Epic Tier Games for FREE; plus DOGS playing D&D; and What's Your Go-To GMing Adv

[h=3]Dungeons & Dragons News[/h]
  • Hit My Points by Mike Mearls - Time and again Mike has touched on the topic of healing and hit points in D&D Next. This week, he revisits hit points and goes over some healing options the game could provide.

[h=3]Roleplaying Games News[/h]
  • Mekton Zero is a complete anime mecha RPG designed to be compatible with Mekton Zeta and to immerse you in the Archipelago War (Kickstarter).
  • Kobold Press has released The Expanded Monk & Ninja for Pathfinder. It includes new archetypes, ki-based feats, martial arts styles, tricks, and weapons.
  • You can now pre-order Gnome Stew's Odyssey: The Complete Game Master's Guide to Lengthy Book Titles... er... Campaign Management! It's also been reviewed by a few websites listed on the product page, as is a 19-page preview! It's $24.95,m 210 pages. "Odyssey is jam-packed with in-depth advice on starting, managing, and ending campaigns. Whether you’re an old hand or are new to game mastering, you’ll find a wealth of tips and techniques you can put to immediate use in Odyssey. To our knowledge, Odyssey is the first system-neutral book solely dedicated to the art of managing campaigns."
  • Skimisher Bookforge was announced this weekend. The idea is to buy gaming content as micro-transactions (like the EN World Gamestore did, years ago, if you remember back that far!) - so you'd buy a feat or a magic item rather than an entire sourcebook.

[h=3]Community News[/h]

[h=3]Boardgaming News[/h]
  • Future Proof, the sixth and final Data Pack in the Genesis Cycle for Android: Netrunner The Card Game, is now available at your local retailer.
  • The Drúadan Forest, the second Adventure Pack in the Against the Shadow cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, is also now available at your local retailer.
  • Play Board Games has an extensive review of the game Bora Bora.
  • Crocodile Games, makers of the often under appreciated Wargods of Aegyptus have launched a Kickstarter for their next venture, Wargods of Olympus. They've already raised $31k from an initital ask of $25k so we can expect numnerous stretch goals over the next 27 days.

[h=3]Dogs Playing D&D[/h]
If this isn't the best Kickstarter ever, it's certainly one of them. Dogs playing D&D. Like those dogs who play poker. But D&D. For a $20 pledge, you can get a full-color, 19" x 26" poster.


[h=3]What's your Favourite Gaming Advice Resource?[/h]
Today's news included a couple of "GMing Advice" books - Sly Flourish's excellent Running Epic Tier Games, and Gnome Stew's upcoming Odyssey. They're far from the only such books, though. What's your go-to source for GMing (or playing) advice or theory? What would you recommend to others? Let me know in the comments!

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Robin Laws GM advice book is the one everyone recommends to me. Haven't got it yet though.


Robin's Laws, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, the climax of Return of the Jedi (for how to jump cut and run split parties). Also, I recommend taking down five of your favorite game books and reading their sections on GMing. Reading those sections back-to-back can illuminate generally agreed upon GM techniques as well as techniques that are specific to that game/genre/author.


The EN World kitten
That's exceptionally awesome of Mike Shea to release his book for free. My hat is off to him for his act of generosity!

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