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Hokay, so, if I wanted to run a rough preview this weekend (since everyone keeps talking about how great the game plays), what exactly do I actually need?

The resources I see on the board here are:

PHB Lite
Raiders of Oakhurst
Raiders of Oakhurst Reloaded

Is there anything else I need?

I gather there are pregenerated characters floating around also, but I don't know where they are. Could someone point me to them too?


-The Gneech :cool:

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There's a compilation of monsters somewhere, forgot the link, but that cna help with the custom monsters. Though raiders of oakhurst will definitely give you a full adventure.


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The latest PHB Lite v1.2 has the links to all three fan adventures; Raiders of Oakhurst, Return of the Burning Plague, and The Second Son. Raiders of Oakhurst Reloaded is a full adventure, not just a series of encounters. Having just finished reading all of it, I'm very excited to run it. I'm also putting together full-color Dundjinni maps for Reloaded. (I'm getting at least one a day done.)


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The characters are attached to this post as is a compilation of other stuff


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