Hope Never Dies - Part 1 : On the threshold of dawn


Kur knows he will only have one shot at this. One shot to save his people.

Kur uses his knowledge of the village to maneuver his way silently to near the chief's tent. Sneaking up lightly armed and silently is something the orcish scout is experienced at and his lack of heavy armor aids him here. Timing it so that his sprint will carry him into the tent after the chieftan, Kur explodes in a rush to burst in upon the human before he has a chance to recover from his surprise. Having entered the tent the chief won't be able to see his foe until Kur is upon him, shiv stabbing.

Bursting into the tent Kur cries "Blackfang!" as he falls upon the antlered man and stabs for the vitals with all his force.

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Peregrine finishes painting his wall and lays down his brushes and paint. Stillhalf dazed, heturns around to look at the progress of the others. He shakes his head to clear it and looks around at the other walls.

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