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Hot Games Post-Gen Con

One of the interesting things over the last few weeks has been watching the Hot Games Chart change over the Gen Con period. As you may know, that chart monitors over 1,000 sites, blogs, and forums and compares how often different games are mentioned. The big change recently has been the meteoric rise of Green Ronin's Adventure Game Engine (which powers Dragon AGE, Fantasy AGE, Titansgrave, etc.) In the last three months it has climbed from #20 or so all the way up to #4 on the [non D&D] chart, and to #9 on the combined chart.

As you may know, the AGE system has been featured on Wil Wheaton's Titansgrave web show, and both the core Fantasy AGE book and the Titansgrave setting hardcover were available at Gen Con. On the combined chart, AGE is scoring about 2.3% of game mentions - which doesn't sound a lot, but it is. After all, if all games scored 5% of mentions, there'd only be 20 games, not thousands. So a game scoring 2.3% is doing very well.

D&D 5E leads the chart with 30%, followed by Pathfinder with nearly 10%. Fate is the next in line, at 6.6%, and OSR games (which are tracked using a compiled master chart of lots of OSR games) is also showing strongly with 6%.

Of course, this gives us no insight into what these games are selling. For that sort of information you need to turn elsewhere. But it does give us a broad sense of what folks are talking about online right now.

And remember, it's not a chart of how valid your own choice of game is. The game each one of us likes is the best game.
Russ Morrissey


Von Ether

It feels a little surreal. I've had some interest in Titansgrave/AGE, but had no idea that it was blowing up.

For me, AGE seems to be a decent compromise, low-math, medium-level rule set that's not 200 pages of DnD.

There are systems that do one aspect or another better, but usually comes with a shtick that's a deal breaker.

AGE also seems pretty hackable.


This really seems like par for the course to me; AGE is the new hotness. Not to say it is/isn't good, just that it's the "it" game. I recall when Dungeon World was on everyone's (virtual) lips. Take, for example, this comment. ;-)


I'm not sure why Numenera and The Strange aren't statistically combined, especially if Fantasy Age/Titansgrave are combined with Dragon Age.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
I'm not sure why Numenera and The Strange aren't statistically combined, especially if Fantasy Age/Titansgrave are combined with Dragon Age.
You can add 'em together in your head if you like! Use the data is whatever way tickles your pleasure centres the best way. :)

At some point I might combine them into a Cypher System - hindsight and all that.


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