D&D General How am I a D&D outlier? How are you one?

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How am I an outlier?

  1. I’m a black dude.
  2. I like- no, LOVE- multiclassing.
  3. I like the old, 9 position alignment system. It helps set D&D fantasy apart from other FRPGs.
  4. I like psionics in general.
  5. I like having meaningful distinctions between arcane magic vs divine magic vs psionics.
  6. I enjoy melee where reach, position, cover, LoS, etc. make a difference.
  7. I don’t think combat optimization is the be-all end-all of character design, and like exploring the nooks & crannies of the possibilities the system offers. (And I have found some doozies.)
  8. I encourage thought out PC backstories because I think they help ME run a better, more immersive game.
  9. I rarely use plot armor. If your PC or party does something silly, naturally forseeable consequences will not be handwaved away. Camp in the road, you WILL get run over.
  10. I generally run my campaigns in an open and permissive fashion. Not quite kitchen sink, but close. But if I say “X doesn’t exist in this setting.” You’re probably wasting your breath trying to convince me to change. I may, however, work with you to reach an approximation.
  11. I’m a black dude.

10 I can super identify with. I've heard from so many DMs not to be overly permissive with players and "reward" them with too many goodies and options for free of the game getting out of control, but on the contrary I've always found it a labor of love trying to make different things work.

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  1. I like Epic Level Gameplay. It feels like a waste to just have a campaign or characters retire just because they hit Level 20.
  2. I hate playing in pre-established settings. I think part of that comes from the feeling that they're all just Medieval Europe which feels generic.
  3. I like the simulationist aspects of D&D such as Age mechanics and stat penalties.
  4. I love multiclassing and view stuff like Gestalts and Hybrid classes as cheating.


There's no such thing as a "feat tax". People just want to play a high level character at level 1. That's why they want to have uber long backstories as well.

"Balanced" and "powerful" are antonyms.
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