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D&D 5E How can players counter Mass Suggestion?


So, a question, to the other GMs, how do you feel about the following suggestion as a mass suggestion...

"Flee until sunset as far as you can unless you are wearing heavy armor, in which case you stay and fight."

The obvious strength of this is to split the pcs who fail saves (assuming some in heavy and some not - but it could be elves or humans or some other observable feature.)

So you have flee, stay and made saves... Three groups of pcs.

I agree with [MENTION=6750235]Ashrym[/MENTION]: this would be two different suggestions.

Generally, I think that Suggestions should be worded very simply, and not be over-interpreted, as any other aspect of D&D.

25 years ago, I played in a campaign and my wizard found a ring of wishes. I had a single wish to formulate. I wrote down a 10-line paragraph to make sure that the intent was well carried over :) Thinking back, this was useless. This is a game. Keep it simple :)

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