D&D General How daft was The Senior Baron when he refused to let A Future King marry his daughter just because the guys A Thief and he hates Thieves?

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Isn’t it a false supposition to presume that your dream is supposed to make sense?
It's all over the place. Sometimes it's obvious why elements show up in your dreams, like having a bad encounter with your grandmother that day and then dreaming about her for a few days. Other times themes are pretty consistent, like teeth falling out, jumping really far, throwing energy blasts, etc. But a lot of times things are in our dreams for no particular reason. The brain is just filling in the gaps and hiring extras, not making everything a highly calculated easter egg with tons of significance.


moral and ethics matter. At the level of ruler's they matter even more. Marrying your daughter to a thief would have severe social consequences and undermine any attempt to establish the moral high ground for at least a generation. It may seem silly to some but if you pay attention to politics high ranking officials have their entire narrative completely destroyed and derailed just by being seen with the wrong people at the wrong time. that and at that level everyone is looking for a way to take you down a step or all the way. Bringing a thief into the family could easily be the end of that family if he got caught breaking the wrong law and stealing or hurting the wrong family.
Even when The Thief will 1 day be A King?, after all even if he got caught he'll get away without even having his arrest registered, after all I can think of 9 ways he could get away scot free

The 9 ways he could get away scot free are Royal Immunity, Diplomatic Immunity, either him or his father granting A Royal Pardon, political pressure, trade sanctions, the threat of retribution from Future Kings, or depending on when it happens maybe even The Kings, Country, his country wouldn't actually do that but most places don't know that, bribery, blackmail and persuading the other side to settle

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