ZEITGEIST How did the Demonocracy happen? (Spoilers)

This has been bugging me lately. How was the Seal bypassed so completely as to allow an entire continent to be taken over by demons? Why hasn't that bypassing been repeated? How are there still demons and angels in the Crypta Hereticarum?


Nope. That's where the entire Gidim plotline comes from. They got trapped on Apet and couldn't go home.

As well as the Clergy's theology/policy of hoarding evil, rather than destroying it. It can't "go back to hell", so might as well lock it up somewhere else.


If we're talking about in-universe, why do you need a special explanation? It's always been this way. Nobody knows any other paradigm.

Why would demons be able to leave? Nothing has ever left. That's just the way things are.

Now, what I wonder is, what is the Clergy's theology of the afterlife? Do souls "go" somewhere else when they die? (post-bleak gate, that is) Is there a heaven?
Relatedly, where do the gods reside? Where is Triegenes now?
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Well, it is known that you can summon demons and angels from elsewhere, but they can't stay. Why are similar or identical creatures sometimes found here, but can't leave?