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D&D General How did you pay total for your PHB? How much did you pay for a D&D book?


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Some people are talking about how much D&D RPG books costs in another thread. Please list what you paid. Your country. And any add on fees. And the cheapest you got one new from a vendor/store. Skip if your country is over represented.
PHB Lists 49.95. I pay 54.95 with add on tax 10%. Cheapest $19.87 from Amazon shipping and tax included.
All D&D books list at $49.95.
Montgomery Al United States of America.

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I live in Stockholm, Sweden. For Tasha I paid 450 SEK for the book and 50 SEK for shipping from a store in Stockholm. The shipping is comparable to what it would cost me to get to the store and back.

450 SEK is about 53 USD. Mostly I think the local game stores in Sweden tend to stay close to the price listed on the WotC website. I haven't seen prices higher than 10*the listed number (i.e. same price with a conversion of 1 USD = 10 SEK, rather than the actual 8.5 SEK).

These prices all include 6 % VAT for books and 25 % VAT for shipping.


I paid, I think, about $45 each for the PHB, DMG, and XGTE, from a local gaming store. Then $25 for the Monster Manual when he closed down and sold them at cost.
Amazon has them for like $25-$30 each, but support your local store instead of, well, let's stay out of politics.
Edit: Texas, USA

I paid about $45 for my PHB after tax from my FLGS in Kentucky. They try to charge Amazon level prices to stay competitive, but even when they can't it's still a value considering delivery time. Cheapest was free as a gift, but I'm assuming that wasn't what you meant :p


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It has been years now, but I think I got my PHB (and DMG and MM) for about $20 (each) when 5e first released.

For all that I live in a major metropolitan area, my FLGSs are a pain in the neck to get to, so I got them off Amazon.

USA resident.

Pretty much for a majority of my non third party 5E books, I've only played about 37.99+sales tax for a number of recent DND releases of last year and this year. My go to sites are usually Minature Market and GameNerdz as I haven't had any issues from them. although my Tasha's Alt cover that I ordered from GameNerdz is a no show and Minature Market is selling it for 49.99 for whatever the reason. Although that's probably more because of my apartment complex than GameNerdz being unreliable

I did get Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes from Amazon for 29.99+tax from Amazon. And recently, aside from Tasha's, my DM sold me his extra copy of the PHB, in new condition, for 20 bucks. I was gonna try to get the SCAG for the unnerfed Booming/Green Flame Blade, but I recently got Version 3 of the Spellbook Cards, Arcane, from Amazon so that has the unnerfed versions in it. So I'm not as hardcore about getting the updated SCAG book now cuz of that.

As for my Third Party/Kickstarter backed 5E products? I won't go into the details there, but all I'll say is that I am usually a dice/swag tuls when it comes to those. And its best we leave it at that.

I got Adventures in Middle Earth 5E for 20 bucks too. That was from Atomic Empire. They are pretty cool too.

My recent buying goal now is to get another copy of Tyranny of Dragons. Due to a stupid mistake on my part, my copy is a bit "bent" and that is an absolute disgrace to the epic cover of the book.

Retail price for anything is generally out of my budget, so if it is not from Amazon, I try to buy from one of the big game stores that also sells online at a discount. Places like the previously mentioned Atomic Empire or Miniature Market. The bonus from buying from places like these is you can also get the FLGS covers from them at a discount because they are actual brick&mortar stores, as well as selling online, so they qualify for getting those variant covers from WotC. So to answer the question, I do not think I have paid more than $30 each for any of the 5E books I own.


PHB via Amazon in 2014 - £25.40 (@current exchange rate $33.80)
More recently:
January 2020, Wildemount, Amazon, £27.07
November 2019, Eberron, Local bookstore, £33.14 (after 15% discount for university card, so £38.99 real price) - was available cheaper on Amazon, but bought in store for the retailer only cover and to support a real actual physical bookshop (Heffers in Cambridge for anybody interested).


I generally buy from Amazon uk as there is no FLGS near me. I am Irish. So 30 to 40 euro or so, it has been a long time. Not sure what I will do now that Brexit is about to befall.


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Here in the USA.
Whatever retail -20%, + whatever local sales taxes equels at the various local shops.

The cheapest? $0 - using Amazon pts from my credit card


I live in the US and typically buy from Amazon, so I usually pay about $30 on average for my D&D books (I paid $29.95 each for the PHB and DMG and $29.97 for the MM, back in 2014).
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UK, Tasha’s in on sale for £33 - approx $44 US with free delivery. Some books are less, Xanathars Guide is £25, Rime is currently £30. Rare to see one £40.


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Buy most WotC print books from Amazon for around USD 30 a book.

I also buy the books and D&D Beyond. I've bought all the non-adventure books on D&D Beyond.

I've always paid US $20 and $40 for every D&D book, with roughly $35 as the typical price. I got my DMG at a 30% discount from list at a local gamestore's day after Christmas sale, but otherwise the ten or so other books I have have either come from Amazon or Ebay. There is no sales tax in my state.

Ebay seems to be the cheapest option for me provided it is an older book and more common book and I check in on a few different days waiting for a particularly good deal to arise, bid on auction copies, etc. Of course if you go in not paying attention to who has tacked on $20 shipping fees and such it easily becomes the most expensive option.


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The game store I refer to as my FLGS is huge and about an hour away. However, because they are huge they can offer 25% off any pre-ordered book, so I always preorder the hobby cover versions of everything.

After tax I pay about $40 for each book.

Edit: oh, and I'm in Massachusetts, USA.

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