How do you like your dragons?


I treat any virtual sorcerer casting levels like "+1 caster levels" in prestige classes. Thus a dragon with wizard or bard (or heck, even divine spellcaster level) can combine them with the monster spellcasting levels.

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I just have them as other creatures, many personalities. Some get powerful, some don't. I had a group of dragons that had a weekly poker going.


not to old ... otherwise they get big ...and epic ... and eat PC's ... but like the idea of numerous younger dragons ...

um right, I'm getting visions of a dragon cartel, there'd be the really old one in charge ... and several younger guys all vying for 'not to be destroyed by mom/dad but still get powerful and rich'

I'm A Banana

I once ran a campaign where all the dragons were, in fact, dinosaurs...

So you had T-Rexes breathing acid and Velociraptors with level-draining powers, and Brachiosaurs with immense cones of flame spiralling out of their bodies....

Lots of draconic fun (had to whip up my own "draconic" template, but it was worth it...).

More recently, I'm playing a kobold, so they're obviously idols to worship and live up to.

And then there's the campaign I run in a postapocalyptic world where the Dragons are just about the best critters around, and nobody messes with them if they don't want to end up a stain on the pavement.


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mkletch said:

Do you stack their sorcerer levels with their innate ability?



The levels, to me, represent time devoted to honing their innate ability. Even without that time, a comatose dragon will get their innate abilities as time passes. That is part of the magic of dragons.


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9) Dangerous and mysterious and balanced.

For chromatic dragons, I swapped the mental stats so that Red Dragons were huge, powerful idiots, and White dragons were smaller, weaker geniuses who could cast spells no one in the world had ever heard of. Blue dragons are arrogant but honorable, green dragons exist pretty much as written, and black dragons are almost as smart as the whites, and lurk out there in the swamps planning their next victory.

For metallic dragons, I did some stat-swapping and gave them more specializations. Silver dragons, as per all the books, are master shapeshifters. Brass dragons are kings of the sky (bonus to AC while in the air, and gets Good maneuverability at all age categories, while dropping down one from the listed size). Bronze dragons are the kings of breath weapons (they take the damage of the gold and combine it with the ability to shape it and do metamagic feats on it), Copper dragons are the masters of magic (Best spell progression), and Gold dragons are, while not as intelligent as the rest, the most powerful melee combatants in the world. (DR equal to (1/2 Age)/-, and free Weapon Focus and Specialization on all natural weapons.)

In my campaign, any dragon egg can hatch as any color or metal -- while in the egg, the dragon takes tests that determine its color. Chromatic dragons are said to have failed some important test. Metallic dragons are certainly GOOD, but not necessarily nice, and are dealing with threats that most PCs have never even heard of. Consequently, they will still destroy a village or tear a bunch of PCs to ribbons if the PCs get snippity or ignore requests to leave.



I prefer them as Dangerous at all levels.

at low age, I would prefer dragons to be small, yet swift and dangerous. With the exception of Reds, Silvers, and Golds, most dragons start out small. Dragons should have a much higher dexterity than they do at low levels, because think about it - if a creature ends up big as a small mansion with a DEX of 10, what must have their DEX's been like when they were younger and much smaller? Dragons start out much more agile, and just plain more raveous and nasty at young levels.

To face a dragon should be unpredictable, and risky at best - even a good dragon.


Sage of the Scarred Lands
While I prefer to use lesser kinds or even off shoots of dragons, TRUE dragons (the ones in MM and MM2) I see as powerful, cunning, dangerous, some times trustworthy. They are also powerful beings of tremendous magical ability and natural beings on occasion. Definately NOT toadies to the gods, though some might be turned to such things.

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