How do you like your dragons?


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I don't like using the tiny, wimpy dragons as major foes. Granted, tiny and wimpy are only relative. However, I don't like the idea of characters being Dragon Slayers at level 3 because they went through the Sunless Citadel and defeated a hatchling white. If it's not bigger than a car, then it's not a real dragon.

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big. poweful. rare. the oldest race, tied to creation of all things.

i justify the insane variety of dragons by making them kinda like spirits... theres a type of dragon tied to everything cos dragons created the world... or their gods did...

i've just finished reading the liveship traders trilogy by robin hobb, and that made me think a lot about how dragon would relate to humans...


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Apathetic. Slow metabolism when they want it. Most are content to sleep for ages without doing anyhting, they'll just grow on magic alone. Every now and then, something challenging or interesting comes up. However, how interesting is stuff that is so easily squashed beneath your claw, or incinerated by your breathweapon. Yawn. Rather be sleeping on this gold I have accumulated in only 0.5% of my lifetime.

In my previous campaign, I had 15 months in my year, and since there are 15 dragons (with the gem ones), they were tied to the dragons. However, there was an actual tie. They became mindless monsters when "their" full moon came up.



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Basted in a wine and butter sauce, stuffed with enough bread stuffing to fead an army, and served with the finest Riesling wine. All of the above should of course be served on gold platters amde from the Dragons hoard.

Sorry Psion, I had to. Actuaaally the above is a pretty good recipe for turkey.


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Foodwise: medium rare.

Game wise, I run dragons in two categories.
The offspring which are the dragons and what is listed.
and the Draghons, which are elder dragons.

Pick the biggest baddest dragon in the MM or otherwise, then add in 40 class levels. That's a Draghon.
The Draghons are immortal and have been traveling or sleeping.

Draghons are one of the four elder races.
The others being Tytans (predecessor to Titans).
Phaenix (predecessor to Phoenix)
and the Krakentuar (predecessor to Krakens).

That's just in my campaign world. It fits well as these elder races have unwittingly sealed each other from the world and the gods came and took their place in the vacuum of power.

Obviously the elder races are trying to return, but who knows when and how they will.

Worse still, with the coming of gods came the Baatezu and Tanari.


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Ancient, powerful, unearthly agile (nothing more graceful than a skyborne dragon). One of the four eldest races, forged from Fire, with the various types and subraces representing different forms and aspects.

The chromatics are Fire as the Destroyer (white - ice so cold it burns, blue - burning desolation of the desert, red - the firestorm etc.), metallics are Fire as the Forger and gems are Fire as the Unknowable.

i'm in the minority here... :)

I'd like 'em out of my monster books. They take up to much space that more useful creatures could occupy.

joe b.


Something to Entertain You From...

Walking with Dragons

Dragons are old. Fossils have been found dating back to the early Jurassic, and genetic studies indicate they may very well date back as a distinct group to the early Triassic. They are most closely related to the crocodilians on one hand, and avians on the other. Indeed, they are more closely related to mammals than they are to lizards, snakes, and turtles.

In contrast, the species we know are younger than man, being descended from a small, gray colored beast that dwelt in the mountains of Central Asia. While their larger cousins were being driven into extinction by the Ice Ages, these clever animals were advancing in intellect and size, and changing colors. To become the silvers, reds, green, and coppers we know today.

(N.B.: it should be noted that "small" in this case is relative, the typical gray dragon of the time being a 1 ton animal.)

Of all the different types of dragon the reds are considered the most successful. This group is comprised of the Red Dragon, along with the Copper, Brass, Bronze, and Gold. The most adaptable group consists of the White and Silver dragons. With the Silver more than making up for their primitive cousins. The final group consists of the Green, Blue, and Black dragons, though it is possible the Blue is more closely related to the Silver Dragon than to the other two. Genetic testing is still being done.

The dragons of my world are dangerous, intelligent, cunning, sly, duplicitous, honorable, treacherous, and above all, very amused by the primate sapients. They love shiny things, intellectual pursuits, being obscenely wealthy, and running the world from the shadows. To quote a certain Gold Dragon I know, "Oh, we conquered the world tens of thousands of years ago. But you got so upset about it we decided to let you think you were running the place."

Alawn Chuillaugh (For Alan Kellogg, who otherwise threatened to stop sending news about the doings on Firefly if I didn't.)

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