How do you pronounce "bulette"

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Thomas Bowman

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Let's hear it.

Like this, bullet!

Thomas Bowman

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When spelled properly - bulette - it certainly looks French; but that's a good question: what is the origin of the word? Or is it something someone - probably Gygax - made up?

That's one of the reasons they are hard to spell, French words have a lot of extraneous letters that don't help in the pronunciation of the word. I am notorious for misspelling French words that have been adopted by the English language but have kept their troublesome French spelling.


I would swear a first edition/AD&D resource listed the "official" pronunciation as "boo LAY".

I could be wrong. Nevertheless, that's how I've said it for over 30 years. I'm not changing. Get of my lawn.


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Just as a point of interest, did you know that ENworld had a guide to official pronunciation under the resources tab up top?

Which amusingly lists different ways of pronouncing it from different sources:

The WoTC Glossary has it as:
Bulette: boo-LAY (note that this one is universally condemned by gamers everywhere, so we suggest ignoring WotC and saying "boo-lett")

While the article "Ay pronunseeAYshun gyd" by Frank Mentzer in Dragon #93 (Jan. 1985) has it as:
Bulette (M): boo-LET, or byoo-LET; also boo-LAY, or byoo-LAY

(The (M) is just the source, not part of how you say it.)

So rejoice, you are not alone in having different pronunciations!

Though really, my takeaway from all this was "ENworld has an official pronunciation guide?!". :)


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I know what I said, but...this song often playe in my head when encountering one. :D


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