How do you use your Dwarven Forge Gaming Tiles?

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So I've just started a Kickstarter for a series of modules designed specifically to use Dwarven Forge's Game Tiles (though the purpose of this thread isn't to plug it). I raise the question because I'm genuinely curious as to what people are doing. Outside of the modules we're working on, and my kids using them as toys as "building blocks for geeks", I haven't yet used them in a live game. We came up with the idea to develop a series of modules because it was difficult to adapt existing published materials to use Game Tiles. I'm wondering if anyone's had any luck doing adaptations, or if most people are just designing their own dungeons.

So if you backed the original Game Tile project (or owned other Dwarven Forge pieces from before then), how have you used them in your games?

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Burning Yeti

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Oh, and my kids also love using them to replace the boards in the flicking game Catacombs -- which isn't exactly an RPG, but anything that has my little ones excited about playing Fighters, Rogues and Wizards is setting them on the right path as far as I'm concerned.


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I mostly build my own dungeons/caverns. I have used them to replicate module maps, though I often have had to accept some differences between the tiles setup and the printed maps.



I am out of the habit of using them now (my current campaign is just not conducive to it). But when I did, I used them for the big set piece battle. Trying to replicate all parts of a dungeon map was tedious and hurt the pace of the game.

So I liked scenes I could put on a decent sized piece of cardboard so that I can prebuild and pull out during the session at the right time.


Our group has:
Original dungeon
Midieval Building set

I use the buildings the most (almost once a game), because we're playing Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, which is almost all "civilized" adventuring.

Occasionally the dungeon (sewers anyone? ;) -- also see Temple of Sigmar below..blurry pic.

Almost never the forest.. probably would be more, but would have been better if differen't/more-organic shape...i usually use lichens, sticks and stones for outdoors. My "stones" that I use are invariably loaded with fossils or are some kind of ore from my many things I've picked up here in Colorado.

Sigmar's Hammer Tavern Battle (Altdorf, Empire)

Temple of Sigmar (Altdorf, Empire)

Before the tavern battle

Laurelorn Blighted Forest, with Elven Ghosts (Laurelorn Forest, Nordland, Empire)

Here are some more:

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I also had to add a lot of 1/4" thick "shor twall tiles for flooring that we made separately from plaster molds (of some old gingerbread house stuff we had). Conflix and Pegasus products have really helped fill in the blanks.

What's your kickstarter address?


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