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How does LPF rule on the Scorpion Whip?


What is the official way that LPF handles the Scorpion whip?

Specifically for someone who is proficient with it.

The line that says treated like a whip for those who are proficient. Does this mean:

Scorpion Whip

15ft Reach, Disarm, Trip, Lethal Damage
10ft Reach, Disarm, Trip, Lethal Damage

That is how I have always interpreted it but I saw that some people do not interpret it this way and I wanted to know how we treat it before I build a character around one.


Satin Knights

I'll give you the "15ft Reach, Disarm, Trip, Lethal Damage" as my judge opinion.

I will also give you my opinion that it is a trap weapon. You are going to be sixth level before you can afford to enchant it to do double digit damage. That will take about a year and a half of playing time. It will use up multiple feats to make effective. Until then, you are a combatant that can be ignored while the bad guys go after the squishy mages behind you.

If you are building a 10th level character, a trip monkey with a whip may be viable. It takes three years to climb to that level in PbP.


Hmm you bring up a good point. I am bouncing back and forth between two character types.

1) A knight in shining armor style character who is either a Paladin, fighter, or Cavalier.

2) Bard with the Archaeologist Archetype. More of a control build using a whip and spells to assist in combat and a skill monkey out of combat.

I know the first option will work out just fine but this is the type of characters I usually play (and have fun with). Was considering the second option to branch out a bit but the inability to contribute to combat is the reason that I usually end up playing martial knight style characters.

I shall have to contemplate some more. Hoping that once my finals are over in a few weeks that I'll have time to play.
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