D&D 5E How Far Could D&D Change--And STILL Be D&D?


Limit Break Dancing
you could just make it three: warrior, skill & magic using. Magic is magic mechanically, the source is fluff.
Something like this, perhaps?


(Not snark. I would support this class system 100%.)

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Well technically speaking anything with D&D slapped on it counts. But for me to buy into it the big ones.

Ditching the class based system
Ditching the 6 ability scores
Ditching level 1-9 vancian system
Kender in the PHB

There's probably a few more but those are the big ones I can think if. Lots of little changes could also do it.


So was Pathfinder, which utilised the catchphrase “ 3E lives”, still D&D? Certainly, when my group moved to it during the 4E era we still referred to “are we playing D&D this weekend?”

Is Level Up still D&D?

Just asking because neither are WOTC

Personally where I draw the line if it's a clone/adaption of an edition it's D&D so Pathfinder and Lvl Up are.

Pathfinder 2 and 13th Age are not.

YMMV of course.

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