How much did you spend on Gaming this year. OUCH


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Each year I check to see what I spend on table top and other gaming. My money advisor says you should spend over 2.5% of you gross on entertainment. I broke that this year. With $2,345.31 on D&D but only $79.96 on xbox. (Year subscription and South Park.) So. How much did you spend this year?

Kamicon room
DDAL09-05 thr 09-10 CCC-elo-1 ccc-elo-2
Kickstarter book mail fee
Courtesy Dice 120
brick of 100d6
100 1 inch tokens.
AL Bundle forAustralia Fires.
Kami-con cash, parking, food,
Kami-con mystery dice
100 sheet protectors
Courtesy Dice 120, & minis
3 white boards
Display case, poker chips, 2 stands
Clip Boards
DDAl09-11 thr DDAL09-17
D&D mini
battle map
Mini stands
Dungeon tiles 2 sets
Voice amp
life in the party comic
DDAl00-05, heir orcus 1&2, Blizzard of axe and sword
DDAL09-19, 09-20
D&D Beyond Legenday Bundle
Notebook binders
Theros minis
Walmart minis
pencil sharper
Walmart minis
Skully * 3
office supplies
Icewind Dale Rime of Frostmaiden
brick of icewind minis
Notebook binders
Icewind Dale Map
4 by 5 pouches 200 count
Courtesy Dice 8 piece
100 Black D6
miniature market
Skulls and minis
Mini storage box
Tasha's Caudron of Everthing e-copy
Tasha's Caudron of Everthing hardcopy
Harbour Freight Mini Boxes
Mini and Dice
back stracher
Life counters Christmas
D&D Adventure Begins

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This was an expensive year...
Current exchangerates:
  • 8,17 SEK -> 1 USD
  • 10.04 SEK -> 1 Euro
  • 11.16 SEK -> 1 GBP

Scion Demigod 2e (bought 1 book for me, and 1 for the GM. Will get half of it back) -> $155
Twillight 2000 -> 498 SEK
Mythological figures & Maleficient monsters for D&D -> £30
The Troubleshooters -> 3007 SEK
Trudvagn adventurs for 5e -> 580 SEK
Jim Hensson's Labyrinth -> 449 SEK
Branchalonia a Spagehtte fantasy rpg -> 17 Euro (did an extra payment to get in hardcover instead, but can't rememebr how much)
Nordiska Vaesen -> 420 SEK
The Dune Rose -> about 11 GBP including postage
Scion supplements -> $40

So totally a bit over 6000 SEK. Which is slightly more than 25% of what I get in pay in one month after taxes.
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I don't have a number but I spent a lot this year because I got back into gaming after a substantial break. I mostly spent money on miniatures, brushes, and paints - but I also got two new web cameras for tabletop remote play, and a couple of stands for them. I also had my family buy me gaming stuff for birthday/xmas - while that is not money I spent - it still adds to the overall budget.


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This year I spend about 350$US on pdfs and rpg books. It's more than last year. This is mostly due to adopting AGE as default system and buying several books to catch up with current offering by Green Ronin. I don't intend to spend that much in 2021.


I have no idea of the total, I don't even know when things came out. Was mythic odyssey this year? I bought it on Dndbeyond with a great discount code and months later bought the physical book for around 60$ NZ. I've bought Tasha's on Dndbeyond, haven't even seen the physical book in NZ. Bought a few 2e PDFs off DMsGuild but otherwise not much else unless you count transportation to games. No idea how much that equals though, maybe 100$ to 150$?

Edit: Oh, I think I bought the starter set so add another 50$? to the total. I don't really bother tracking it all though. Much like going out drinking, it's all part of my discretionary spending.

aramis erak

About $1000... including video and tt games.
Dune board game and expansion $100, FLGS
Talisman Legendary Tales boardgame $20 (cover is higher) shipping included
Talisman Adventures: $70 (PDF and preorder of Print, separate.)
1870 $40
L5R5 5 books, 2×$40, 2×$20
Hyrule Warriors (new one) $50
T2K4: about $120
SG1: About $100, incl. shipping.
Lamination: $5
Dice: about $40
Gaming stones: $50
Misc PDFs and small switch games.
New controllers for the Switch: $60
Paper Mario Origami King (switch)
Chocobo's Dungeon Every Buddy Switch
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Switch.


More than I should have. I purchased most of the WFRP 4E physical products this year that aren't the core rule book, and pre-ordered 2 more, plus Age of Sigmar Soulbound. Then there are 6 kickstarters plus the additional costs from other kickstarters that delivered this year. Plus POD orders from drivethru.

I'm not going to look in case I see something unpleasant.

Did several Kickstarters ranging from virtual TTRPG's (Role) to dice molds made for ice cubes. :) Then the standard fair: books (D&D, PF, a few other games), minis and maps. A few subscriptions for gaming like Inkarnate, the mapping tool. And, as always printing costs, which are the most expensive.
So the answer? I do not know, but it seems like enough. ;)


I spent more than usual, but that was purposeful. I chose to spread some money around to support small companies.

This is my motto that I also live by. I love the hobby, have excess, and love to see what people are doing. And I'm hoping to a certain extent to get favorable Karma when I launch my own project. ;)

In Patreon alone, I come up to about $600, and that's the least of my support options. Subscriptions to various services and hosting for a variety of PbEMs and the sites for the same take up a bit more than that (though I sell some server support to a couple of businesses to offset much of that cost), Kickstarter... I have a problem with that. Add other physical stuff, DTRPG, Bundle of Holding and Humble Bundles, and, yeah... it's more than I really care to think about.

And as others said, my other hobbies (mechanical keyboards mostly) are vastly more expensive.


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A small dragons hoard.

I built 6! full miniature wargaming armies (mostly of GW stuff) + the Battlefoam cases to transport/store each of them.
I built:
*(40k) Necrons + case
*(40k) Space Marines (new Primaris stuff) + case
*(40k) Genestealer Cult + case
*(Sigmar) Sons of Behemet (Games Workshop Giants) + case
*(Sigmar) Lumineth Realm Lords (new high elf faction) + case
*(Sigmar) an allied coalition of tree folk, good humans, & wood elves - mostly built using non-GW stuff + case
**If you know GWs prices I'll bet your wallets just cried out in fear.... But know $1800 of this has been funded by the US Govt via Covid stimulus, that with no GenCon I simply redirected all the funds already planned for that, and I did wait to order the cases until Battle Foams Thanksgiving sale. So my actual out of pocket for all this was well within my "Hobby Budget". :) The difference this year was that I had large chunks of time to sit about building & painting it....
*Another $200 went into making a gaming table for the house so some wargaming could continue with a select circle sans the local shop while everything was locked down.
*D&D was fairly cheap - 2 books + about $100 worth of misc minis
*Kickstarter - I had about $500 worth of KS stuff fund - and all but one have either arrived or are in transit right now. The other looks right on track for this summer as planned.
*I added 2 board games to the shelf, (one I bought @ $50, the other I used the Amazon pts generated by the Battle Foam order on so it was effectively "free" as I don't carry a balance on a CC)
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