I spend how much on this hobby 2021?


Rotten DM
How much did you spend on your hobby?
D&DTotal D&D
Painting fee.
Prior years D&D
Dragon dice pouch
candlekeep e-copy
birthday dice
van richten e-copy
Candlekeep hardcopy
van richten hardcopy
Cat minis Vol 1
Cat minis Vol 2
wife brushes and paints
5e Spelunking
ddep10-0 Knuclehead Rally
save vs hunger
Wife's visions paints
Trollskull Manor, waterdeep business, DDAL00-03 Those who came before.
Balder's Gate Descent gift
teachers white board compass
Candlekeep props
Heroes feast & tolkein receipes e-copy
boneyard minis
jewelry +1 flail
Banker boxes, sheet protectors
split rings
d20 blanket
25 dice sets
starter Set dirty santa
Sword Coast dirty Santa
Wild Beyond Witchlight E-copy
sapphire dragon e-copy
Painted give away minis
Wild Beyond Witchlight hard-copy
Dollar tree root beer dice 10 sets
D&D art & Arcana Coffee table
Acquistions INC hard-copy
Eberron hard copy
Wildemount hard-copy
Theros hard-copy
Ravinca Hard-copy
1 inch binder
Glass display case skully
Fizban Treasure of Dragons hardcopy
Fizban Treasure of Dragons ecopy
Fishbowl plastic dice containers
Stradh poster with foam backing
dungeon mewoster tshirt
Dragoncon load in
Dragoncon cash spent
Dragoncon Hotel
Starter Set replacement house ate it
AL Fun Badge
Christmas tree dice Kickstarter
backscrather 6
Drider of Underworld POD
Christmas tree shippeing
Stixhaven Ebook
Critical Role Call of Netherdeep Ebook
Strahd Frame
Grim Reper #007 Heroclix
Dragonclaws 60
100 feet necklace chain
badge holder
D&D Grand total since I go back in.

Xbox total
costyear totalgrand total
Controller fix $43.99​
priop yts total
shadow of war $9.41​
Member ship $65.99​

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Limit Break Dancing
Woah...that's impressive! Let me see how I measured up...

Dice: 1 set (a gift for my wife), $29.00
HeroForge 3D-printed minis (5 full color minis @ $30 each): $150.00
Kickstarter, Avatar Legends: $90
Kickstarter, Wild Shapes Beast Deck: $52
Kickstarter, Edible Gummy Minis: $35
Kickstarter, Tome of Heroes: $29
Kickstarter, Level Up Advanced 5E: $54
Kickstarter, Lost Lights Campaign Setting: $75
Kickstarter, Venture Maidens Campaign Setting: $45
Kickstarter, Good Little Children Never Grow Up: $7
Kickstarter, Tanares RPG 5E: $91
Foundry VTT License: $50
Fizban's Treasury of Dragons: $40
Explorer's Guide to Wildemount: $40
GAZ3: The Principalities of Glantri (POD): $8
GAZ6: The Dwarves of Rockhome (POD): $13.50
GAZ14: The Atruaghin Clans (POD): $10.50
GAZ4: The Kingdom of Ierendi (POD): $10
GAZ5: The Elves of Alfheim (POD): $10
GAZ13: The Shadow Elves (POD): $22
B7: Rahasia (POD): $11.20
GAZ2: The Emirates of Ylaruam (eBay): $50
X4: Master of the Desert Nomads (eBay): $40
Hollow World Campaign Setting Boxed Set (Goodwll): $10
...I think that's about it.

Total: a paltry $972.20

Almost half ($478) of that was spent on Kickstarter alone. Hm. I might have a problem.



TOR 2E kickstarter$170
Tiny Dungeons$17.99
Tiny Frontiers$23.99
Level Up kickstarter$90
Age of Rebellion Core Rules$49
Ironsworn Hard Copy$29
Ironsworn Delve$31
Spellbound Kingdoms Hardcover$32

Not bad. That's downright restrained, for me.


Limit Break Dancing


Were they any good?
No idea. They just finished the Edible Gummies Kickstarter on October 27th, so they are still working on fulfilment. But I'll never know unless I order more!

See, the folks who are doing the Edible Gummy Minis had partnered with GameToGrow.org and the Children's Miracle Network, to donate packets of these gummy candies and copies of the Critical Core game (another Kickstarter that I backed) to kid gamers in hospitals. So I pledged, and then I chose to donate all of my pledge rewards to the kids.


Do I count? I spent $166,784.22 on games this year. But I own a comic and game store and sold most of it! (I spent $387,463.64 on comics, so my store is only 1/3 games and 2/3 comics). I guess I could figure out how much I spent on what I use myself...


I'm going to keep track of how much I spend in 2022 on games. I must have spent more than $2,000 in 2021. I spent more than $800 alone on Imperial Knights.


Fortunately my big spending was all in the days of the d20 boom. I have shelves and shelves of books. Nowadays I only play D&D 3.5 and variants, so there's not much to buy.

On the other hand, a few years ago I discovered boardgames and spent about 3000 euros in one year (and generally play the same three games over and over again).

Li Shenron

I haven't bought any books since XGtE and I have enough props already. I probably spent something for printing and laminating more of own game cards but it's peanuts


I spend about $60 to $70 per month. $65 x 12 = $780. I'll say $1000 for 2021 since I know a went a bit over $70 a few times. Which is half what I used to spend. I expect to spend less in 2022. Going for $55-$60 per month.


I built two armies myself this year. This thread scares me.
The employees at the game store know my name. Granted, they have a discount program and for a while they always asked my name when I bought something. But even with a mask on they know me by name. I'm spending a lot of money there is what I'm saying.

This is a great exercise. I think I'm forgetting an Itch purchase or bundle or two, but my 2021 spending would be a lot higher if I wasn't such a PDF-buying cheapskate:


Spire: Sin $20
Ironsworn: Starforged $20
GURPS 2021 PDF Challenge $3
A|state $65
Annotated King in Yellow $40
Tome of Skulls $1
Avatar RPG $20
Abilities Considered Unnatural $7
Mothership 1e $99
Hand-Drawn Maps $1
Stonetop $25
One Ring 2e $55
Courier $5.50
Bucket of Bolts $7
The Vast in the Dark $5
Calo’s Book of Monsters $1

Subtotal $379.50

40th Anniversary Call of Cthulhu $100
The Between $5
Blades in the Dark Bundle $13
Storm Furies $4
Upper Heleng $5
Galaxies in Peril $20
Zyborg Commando $8
Heroic Maps Battlemaps $9
0ones maps $10

Subtotal $180

Total $559.50

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