D&D 5E How much Forgotten Realms have you used in your games?


For those who run games in FR, or play in FR games, how much Faerûn have you covered? Creating a poll would be difficult, but perhaps with enough data maybe we can extrapolate what the most popular regions are.

I'll start myself. I've been running games in FR for well over 15 years now, and the regions I've used extensively (i.e. for more than one or two sessions) in campaigns and adventures include:

The Shaar (eastern part, from Toadsquat Mountains to the Rise, including Great Rift)
Western Heartlands (particular focus on Berdusk, Iriaebor, Hluthvar, Darkhold, Snakewood, Battle of Bones, Evereska, Orogoth, Well of Dragons)
Sword Coast (Baldur's Gate, Ardeep Forest, Nelanther Isles, Moonshae Isles, Lantan)
Unapproachable East (Thay, Rashemen)
Anauroch (both present day and during the Age of Netheril)
Cormyr (Marsember and the coast, Arabel, High Horn, Farsea Marshes, the Stonelands)
Sembia (Selgaunt)
Dalelands (mostly Archendale and High Dale, as well as Cormanthyr and Myth Drannor)
The North (Waterdeep, Red Larch, Triboar, Evermoors, Nesme, Griffon's Nest, Neverwinter)
The South (Amn, Sothillisian Empire, Dragon's Head Peninsula in Tethyr)

I have campaign sketches and concepts for more regions and cities, such as Unther, Thesk, Westgate, Secomber, Dire Wood, Damara, Shadowdale) - I just don't have the time to run them... but still, looking at the map, there is SO MUCH left to explore.

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First Post
I've more or less stopped these days, but back when I was a fan of the realms I ran Cormyr, Chult, the Sword Coast (unsurprisingly), the Moonshae Isles, and Thay.

Not much. I run the APs but we pretty much ignore that they are set in the FR, or that there is more there than what we care about.

FR is hard to run without feeling intimidated by the vastness and the people who feel there is only one right FR and that if you get something wrong.... blah blah blah.

One of the reasons I'm so happy WotC refuses to publish a FRCS etc.

Pretty much zero. I homebrew.

Good inspiration though. A few city maps might make it in...

Basically this. I might steal a map here, a fraction of a plot there. But on the exceedingly rare occasions I don't homebrew, it's because I want a specific non-traditional-fantasy feel, and go with something like Eberron, Ravenloft, or Dark Sun.


The Sword Coast mostly. One campaign based in Yartar/Silverymoon. Current campaign in Daggerford.
Empires of Intrigue. One campaign based in a homebrew realms where Amn had developed firearms, then went stomping around the south taking over Tethyr and Calimshan.
Unapproachable East. One campaign set in Aglarond, Rashemen, Vassa, Damara - Bloodstone pass!!!


Magic Wordsmith
None. When I first started D&D, my good friend who got me into the game had read every Forgotten Realms novel in existence at that time. The task of running a game in Forgotten Realms with his daunting knowledge of the setting while having little to no knowledge myself was enough to put me off it.

For the next 25 years.


Rules Monkey
I frequently use the maps and set my campaigns after a cataclysmic event that wiped out all the major NPC's and/or Gods. Or just use the maps and ignore everything else.


41st lv DM
Over the years I've used:
The various Dales,
Zhentil Keep (sp?)
Cormyr (sp?)
The Moon Sea,
The Moonshea Isles,
Waterdeep & that whole chunk of the map,
The great big desert in the middle (whatever it's called),
Myth Dranor,
Whatever bits & areas have been important to various modules

Now most of this was done '94 & prior. So not all the source books were out for the various regions (or for some I just didn't have/buy ____ & wasn't worried about it). And only a fraction of the novels had been written.

What's much more likely to occur is that I read something FR based, like it, & add it into my own worlds/campaigns.

My game is Gygaxian Greyhawk, so none there aside from some conversions from SCAG and VGtM.

One of my DMs had run a 5E FR campaign along the sword coast using Ghost of Dragonspear Castle as a base (it didn't provide anywhere near enough XP to level us where we needed to be for each story).

Trollbark Forest
Troll Hills
Baulder's Gate


Chult has been our main area.

Anauroch and the City of Shade is a big part of our ongoing campaign.

The Sword Coast has become more prominent, due to Phandalin and other 5E areas of focus.

Cormyr/Dalelands/Sembia/Cormanthor....all of these play a less prominent part, but we do use them.

I'm using the Old Gray Box for my current campaign. We started at 3rd level, and the PCs are all veterans of the (first) Battle of Shadowdale. The Knights of Myth Drannor have returned to adventuring and Elminster is missing, so Lord Mourngrym enlists the heroes in his service, in return for some property (a ruined fortified manor), a retainer, and tax concessions. They started with a troubleshooting mission to reopen a nearby lumber camp and have progressed to dealing with the drow of Azmaer's Folly and Szith Morcane, Banites and Zhentilar in Cormanthor and Voonlar, plus Desertsmouth orcs and goblinoids (and worse) in the ruins of Tethyamar. There are political shenanigans with Zhentil Keep, Cormyr, Daggerdale, the Iron Throne, and a resurgent Lashan (I care not for canon). They're at 13th level now, and Tethyamar/Daggerdale is as far as they've gone from Shadowdale.

The Old Gray Box FR is a really great "points of light" campaign setting, IMHO.

Now, while I said above I don't run in the Realms, I have set two campaigns there in the past. One in Waterdeep (that didn't last long) and another that was a Sembia campaign. The latter included Sembia, some of Cormyr and the Dales, as well as some trips to other locations. But was 90% focused on Sembia.

I have always wanted to set a campaign in Asbravn:

The hook of the "The Riders in Red Cloaks" goes back to the original Realms boxed set and always struck me as evocative and interesting. But no one has every done anything with it in the intervening twenty-five years.


As little as possible. I don't like FR, but the published adventures are set there and I have little time to port them to my homebrew setting. Currently, I'm running PotA, and I just transitioned the game to my setting by teleporting the entire Dessarin valley onto an island on my world.


None. When I first started D&D, my good friend who got me into the game had read every Forgotten Realms novel in existence at that time. The task of running a game in Forgotten Realms with his daunting knowledge of the setting while having little to no knowledge myself was enough to put me off it.

For the next 25 years.

This is partly what's kept me away from running anything in FR as well. Once I was interested in picking up Princes of the Apocalypse to run it for my group, thinking maybe I could cut out the FR stuff. A quick glance at the beginning story hooks had name-drop after name-drop bomb of people and places I guessed were well-known in FR lore. Add to it that the advice to set it elsewhere seemed very short and half-hearted made me worry that untangling it from the Realms would be more work than I was willing to put in. I didn't want to buy it if I wasn't going to run it, and I wasn't going to sit there at my FLGS and pore over the whole thing before buying it.


First Post
Just started using FR and really only explored the areas in the LMoP starter adventure... plus some home-brew towns along the way.

I added Waller Town outside the walls of Neverwinter and an abandoned fishing village called Drumpt Cove further along the coast by a mile or 2.

I'm hoping my group get adventurous (excuse the pun) and travel further north or perhaps to Cormyr... let's see...


ORC (Open RPG) horde ally
The main DM for our group has set his current campaign in the Sword Coast.
He likes the Forgotten Realms a lot.

The second DM doesn't think much of the Forgotten Realms, and so far his first campaign has been a homebrew inspired apparently by old westerns and Kung-fu films.


First Post
For my fist campaign, I did a homebrew and using only the deities from FR.

For my second and third campaigns I run - I did use most of the FR resources, as I do not have as much time any more. However I tend to change things I don't like.

None of my players are exceptionally well versed with FR, so it really isn't an issue for our group.

The benefit is that I can just grab a city, check the already written stuff and add onto that, or remove some stuff I do not like.

Home-brewing is also very fun, though tends to take a little more time - at least for me.

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