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How much RP set up should a DM do for players?

If a player wants to RP in that fashion, they need to make it happen. Deadpool is supposed to be witty, among other things. If you want to run a witty persona, be capable of at least faking witty.

Its not the GM's job to do the heavy lifting for a player's PC concept, especially a very minor aspect of the PC.

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Golden Bee

No, I think Sally would be better off with a GM who is interested in helping her achieve her interests within the game, then stay in one with a GM that has arbitrary "must be this tall to ride" standards.
I’ve spent five years as a stand up comic, maybe 15 as a decent dungeon master. I've been paid for writing comedy modules. I’ve been on the set of comedy TV shows, I’ve listened to thousands of hours of comedy podcasts…

I have no idea how to make someone quippy. You can tee someone up to be funny; Zeppo Marx, Michael Cera, Christina Applegate in Anchorman… Lauren Lapkus’s show “With special guest” varied week to week if she or the guest would be playing it straight. You can give people suggestions, act credulous, take them both literally and seriously. You can follow the trail where your partner is going and ask what 1000-year-old man did when he met Moses. You can't inculcate a quip.

Some of these suggestions are utterly ridiculous. The idea that everyone comes up with the jokes beforehand is bizarre. The idea that the GM would come up with the jokes beforehand is wild.
Someone accidentally came up with the best idea, write a bunch of jokes… But you should randomly roll for the punchline and make the player sell it. Someone just lost their daughter? Oops, that’s number 15, “that had to hurt!
The mayor believes only the heroes can solve the case, because the Avengers are busy elsewhere? Number 15, "That had to hurt!"
Maybe make them all that one. Worked for "Clobbering Time."
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Man, in my group, we'd ALL (the whole table) just make up lines for her to say whenever the moment struck and suggest it to her. She could pick whatever she liked and repeat it, or not, and everyone could imagine that she said their favorites for their own "head-cannon" (or not) and we'd be done with it.

To answer your question: As much and as little as needed. That may not be all that helpful, but it goes for EVERYTHING in an RPG. Fudge it as best you can and don't sweat the small stuff.

On thing she could do that: doesn’t take too much whit; that both of you will understand the jokes; and that Deadpool does is break the 4th wall. She can refer to OOC stuff like the GM or particular books or classes or whatever, in a joking way. Seems like low hanging fruit.
She does not do the 4th wall thing...she does not really get the concept. Her focus is the funny quips and jokes.

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