How Should RPG Books Be Organized - on your shelf?

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Nobody mentioned backwards for design choice.
that gives me PTSD.

I try to maintain a small RPG book collection of books I really like that I want to know in depts. Thus I frequently pass books on that dissapoint me, adventures I've run that I do not intend to run again etc. Thus there is about a meter of actively used RPG books and a pile of 5-6 of books I am in the process of passing on. There is a good german word for this approach: wissenschaftlicher Handapparat [research on-hand magazine]
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By Library of Congress classification of course.

Just kidding, at the moment it's mostly where I have space for books.

Unless it's Call of Cthulhu where I have a couple of shelves dedicated to the game.


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As someone who went to library school (though I've been working in software for the last couple of decades), I'm ashamed to admit most of our books aren't organized at all except in broad categories. We've got a lot of bookshelves and a lot of books and not enough time.


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I have a large bookshelf next to my desk holding game books.

On them, materials are ordered sort of by utility. Things I am most likely to use are on the easiest to reach shelves in the middle, with decreasing likelihood of use as you go up and down from there.

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