How to handle Finite-Use Permanent Magic Item found in OotA Encounters PDF?

Two of the tables at my FLGS have picked up the magic item that has a finite amount of charges, leaving you with a broken item afterwards. This item doesn't have a cert, so it's unknown how many charges are supposed to be in it nor how to handle it once the last charge is spent.

Following the precedent set by two separate ToD certs, logic would dictate that the item gets to be subtracted from magic item total upon its final use.

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Consumable items such as Keoghtom's Ointments, or a necklace of fireballs count against your magic item total until the last charge is expended, at which point they are removed from your logsheet.

Rechargable magic items are permanent, and remain on your logsheet, regardless of whether you have a method of recharging the item or not.
  • They do not count as consumable items
  • ​The most famous example of rechargable items that are not easily recharged are wingwear and balloon packs from Princes of the Apocalypse and various Season 2 Expeditions.
If a magic item breaks (such as by spending a wand's last charge and failing on the d20 roll), the broken item still counts against your magic item total.

For reference, here are the relevant rules:

Magic Item FAQ
  • Multiple use consumable items count against your current magic item tally “until” used up at which time can be removed (or crossed off) from the list.
  • If a magic item becomes “broken” it still counts against your permanent item tally on your log sheet. It served you well while it was able to.

The only exception to the above rule to date, is if a drow-craft item breaks as a result of exposure to sunlight, as per the following:

Ammendments to Out of the Abyss
  • Drowcraft Items: During the course of Out of the Abyss, some characters may obtain drowcraft items–many of which are also permanent magic items. Such items are destroyed after prolonged exposure to sunlight. While it should be assumed that a character exercises due-diligence in safeguarding such equipment from the sun, any permanent magic item that is destroyed due to exposure to sunlight no longer counts against that character’s number of permanent magic items.

Hope this helps.
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Yep, if you know enough about the item to know that it's a permanent rather than a consumable item, then you know enough to realize that it still counts against your permanent item total even after it is used up.

The only exception I am aware of is that permanent drowcraft items that break as a result of being taken away from the faerzress no longer count against your permanent item total.



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Oh right, I forgot about those. (Updating my original response)

I am actually disappointed that they have not released a similar amendment for the rechargeable items in Princes of the Apocalypse, but given how busy the admins have been - I doubt that making amendments to an earlier-seasons adventure is high on their list of priorities.
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