How to justify bikini armour in your game.


Sounds similar to Piers Anthony's Apprentice Adept series, which ...

Yeah, like almost everything Anthony, that did not age well, at all. Oof.

Not to be all judge-y or anything, but this is kind of an odd thread. Don't want to wear armor, play a Barbarian, or a Monk.
I adored the incarnations of Immortality series until book 7 which was utter crap.


The chainmail bikini has permanent Mage Armor in it, and it casts Shield for you when you need it.
Fluff: when active, it looks like the energy shields from Dune (the movie w/ Kyle MacLochlan). Ruin everybody's day - point a laser (or cast any Radiant spell) at the wearer.

Flexor the Mighty!

18/100 Strength!
I threw some +2 bikini mail in an encounter with some Ice Barbarians they slew, but they were running so hard after the encounter they left it in the snow. One of the guys was going to wear it so it sucked they forget it in the haste, as hilarity would have ensued.