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D&D (2024) How will WOTC monetize One D&D?

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As long as i get to be the frog
When I think of the type of recurrent spending we see in digital games the words abusive and exploitative immediately pop into my head. When a CEO tells me they want to emulate an industry with exploitive and abusive practices it sets off alarm bells for me.
Agreed but micro transactions and subscriptions need not be exploitative. They can be designed such that they add value to the customer and also produce the company money.

But I do believe they bought d&d beyond and want to create their own vtt to make money.


They've pretty much stated how they want to monetize the game:

1. Make more products aimed at players, rather than Dungeon Masters. Per WotC, DMs are on 20% of D&D players but pay the vast majority of stuff. So they will be looking for ways to sell to regular players. I believe they mentioned more merchandise, and I imagine that we will see more branded products in general aimed at casual fans. But I think this category is relatively small potatoes.

2. Monetize the IP much more effectively. This is really what they were talking about: movies, TV shows, advertising, theme parks even. They have this thing with a massive cultural footprint (a "10/10"they called it in this regard) that doesn't make nearly the money off ancillary products as something like Marvel or Lucasfilm, etc.. That's what they want as the future for D&D.
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