How will you read the core books day one?


PHB first, probably cover to cover, because I will want to know the rules, and more importantly HOW they're different from 3e.

Second, DMG, and then MM. I doubt I'll read them straight through, but probably a chapter here and a chapter there, because chapter 1 to finish would bore me to tears on a book such as this.

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I'll start with the PHB, likely reading it cover to cover after skipping around and checking out the things I'm not interested in and skipping over the parts I don't really care about. The I'll make a couple same characters, maybe one for each tier of play. After that I'll read the DMG cover to cover. I'll likely only use the Monster Manual while I'm working on adventures, but the artwork is always fun.


I'll read the PHB and DMG cover to cover then skip through the MM. I like to read new rules thoroughly so I don't miss something, and for me it's usually and enjoyable experience.

Then again, I read encyclopedias cover to cover when I was a kid, so I'm not normal.


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I'll read the PHB cover to cover (well, nearly, I always skip stuff here and there) and then just skim the others or look stuff up as needed. I just don't have the attention span to read books like these cover to cover very well.


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Flip through the book to get a feeling for the structure of it, smell it's ink, feel the quality of the pages. Quickly glance at the more interesting parts.

Only then would I start reading it from cover to cover.

the Jester

I'll skim random bits of all of it, then jump around a little... then read them all cover to cover.

In the skimming, I am 100% certain that I'll start with the MM. In the cover-to-cover, I am 100% sure that I'll start with the PH. :D


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Unless Amazon drops them off on my tabletop game day ...

Skim the PHB.
Try my hand at rebuilding some of my active and/or recently retired characters (which will cause a lot of deep diving into class rules and a bit of multiclassing) in 4e.
Skim the DMG and MM.
Read selected parts of the PHB and DMG more closely.

Now, if they show up on my tabletop game day, then I'll just be passing the books around with the guys I play with until the DM calls an end to it and we pull the 3.5 characters out.


Lord Xtheth said:
PHB cover to cover, I need to know the new play rules~!
Then DMG cover to cover so I know the DM rules
Then randomly jump around in the MM while I make my adventures!

What he said.


I'll start with the PHB. First skim through it, getting to know where everything is. Then read the combat chapter, make a spread sheet with all the important rules. So I can learn the most relevant rules effectively. Then I'll read the book cover to cover.

From the DMG I'll read what sounds interesting.

MM... mmh, I think I'll just skim through it and look for cool art. After that I'll just read what I need.

Cheers, Marcus

Jack Colby

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I'm sure I'll start by just flipping through them and getting a general feel for them. I'll most likely start reading the PHB next, but I have never read a large RPG book cover to cover. I'll definitely give it a go, however.

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