How would you hack a VtM lookalike without going anywhere near the storyteller system?

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aramis erak

Hero is always my go-to system as well.
I'm unconvinced of that... because....
But if you want there to be definite models for each power, with generational limits and pre-defined Blood costs, you will have a lot of work up front creating those models.
That's actually pretty easy... thinking back to Mystic Masters for Champions/HSR 4e...
The mystic powers all flow from a multipower. No zero end powers allowed in it.

Generation is determined by how much your Active Point Reserve is. I'd say 30 points for 13th, 40 for 12th, 50 for 11th, etc. The natural limits are imposed by the multipower itself... active points of a slot cannot exceed the active points of the pool.

Power all the supernatural powers off an End Reserve, likewise limited by generation, which has its rec limited by being linked to a HKA, or no rec, but a heal linked to a HKA. (No rec on the pool except when feeding.)

Vamps would have a 1d6 HKA outside the multi-power (fangs and claws), and a vulnerability to sunlight and fire. The multipower would always carry a healing power slot, self only. And since no Zero End, that means it burns blood. As does everything else.

Any other powers? Just let them build within that framework. Clans' powers can be defined on the fly during the campaign. And thus generate new clans, free from the fluff of WoD.
Celerity for example is just a slot adding to speed and/or movement.
Potence adds DCs to armed and unarmed melee attacks.
Thaumaturgy is just slots with "requires magic skill roll -½"
Most others are one or another power or talent.

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